The best sportsbook is not in Vegas or online at Bodog; here’s a review, where you should do your sports betting

I’ve heard people saying that the really high limits are in Vegas. I’ve also been hearing lately from some buddies that they’re using Bodog. Even if it’s random conjuncture and people don’t actually believe these things, I’d like to address them. First off, no, this is simply false. The limits online are much higher. Actually everything is better online therefore let’s just skip the Las Vegas issue entirely. Some people actually believe the hype that Sportsbook Review (I won’t even link to them, they don’t deserve it) puts behind certain sportsbooks. Their ratings are taken seriously by beginners in the world of sports betting. This is bad for gamblers. I find their ratings retarded, given for example how Bodog is A-rated, or Bet365 is in front of SBOBET and Pinnacle. Their only interest is putting the bookmakers that give them a high commission as high as possible. Since Pinnacle is the Amazon of bookmakers and has tight margins all around, of course they won’t get a position in their top 5 (spoiler, even though it’s BY FAR the best bookmaker, it’s actually 8th in their shitty rankings).

Let’s have a look at a few Bodog testimonials…

  • 1) They mess up lines all the time and then don't pay out. Just the other night I won two lines on a Washington receiver under yardage in the first and second half, but it wasn't until after the game that they called it no action. I contacted them and they said it was an error, that the player doesn't even play for Washington. When I wrote back calling them on their BS because he does play for Washington, they said it was meant to be another player so they gave no action even though I was using that bet on a receiver under in combo to hedge with RG3 going over. [...] 3) Their customer service is awful, all they do is keep replying with generic responses and complaining never gets anywhere even if its just literally a few dollars and the customer is right. 4) The site has already been shut down and has all kinds of legal issues so it doesn't work in different countries. Myself I'm Canadian, but when I go to the US its a completely different site (bodog vs bovado) so I can't even bet when I'm in the US.

  • Can not agree more vociferously. They claim they don't haver technical issues, but two calls to their worthless customer service line was enough for me. I'm hellbenty on absolutely dispariging these crooks and God only knows if I'll get my money back from these crooks. unfortunately here in the State of Washington, off shore gambling is technically illegal thanks to the Redskins who operate casinos here. Wanna bet I don't see a plug nickel?

    Howie the Hog
  • Bovada/Bodog are the kings when it comes to sending out irritating form letters to their customers. I made a $500 live bet and their market was set at -190/+130 (yes they take much juice on Bodog live) and my wager was on the +130. The market at Pinnacle at that time was -140/+120. They waited until the event was over and graded my wager no action due to an OBVIOUS LINE ERROR. When I emailed in to complain, I got the same form letter response 6 straight times. That was my last wager ever placed at Bodog.

  • Bodog scammed me. I cashed out $100. They sent me a check for $100.30. It took from September 8th to October 6th to receive the check, and they promise "4-7 business day payouts" I cashed the check the 8th at my bank. The check bounced and I incrued a $12.00 fee from the bank. So, now I'm out $112. I sent them the bank statement showing the bounced check, now they want to see the stamped check itself. I don't care if i get the money refunded, THEY SENT ME A FRIKEN BOUNCED CHECK. I would try to w/d all funds from this site.

  • BODOG.COM is an online gaming site. I used it for sports betting. I won. I went to cash out $400 and received a check about 7 days later ONLY PROBLEM THE CHECK BOUNCED. Not only am I out the money I deposited but I'm out my winnings too.. DO NOT USE THIS SITE THEY ARE A RIP OFF AND ITS ALL OFF SHORE AND ILLEGAL TO GAMBLE IN USA SO YOU WONT GET ANY HELP TO GET YOUR $$$$$$ BACK. I flied fraud charges with my bank and my credit card hopefully other people who are cheated will do the same so this site can be STOPPED.

  • people still use bodog ????


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again until there will be an actual contender. Pinnacle Sports is king:

  • Best odds for European and American sports with a weighted average return of around 97.8%; To understand just how amazing this is, know that most of the other big bookmakers offer up to 95%! It beats easily any other bookmaker and it also beats exchanges if taking into consideration their commission.
  • No limiting or banning of accounts, even if they are consistent winners. SBOBET is the only other bookmaker doing this. (it is lacking in other departments though)
  • Highest actual limits. Finally other bookmakers have managed to offer limits as high as Pinnacle, the difference being that Pinnacle Sports offers them to everybody, while the rest only allow losing punters to bet more.
  • It offers an API for automated betting. This means for example that you don’t have to keep checking their website to see if the odds offered at certain events have reached your target. This and other betting workflows can be automated!
  • It has a mobile betting platform. (the standard interface is also great, for example odds are updated live)
  • Their support is perfect. I have never received an answer from them in more than 24 hours. I’m not talking about copy-paste answers. They actually read and write words, unlike many other businesses.
  • Lots of bet prepositions, including even eSports, Mixed Martials Arts or Politics.
  • Numerous deposit and withdraw options. All of them are processed either instantly or extremely fast.
  • They allow arbitrage betting. This means they allow backing and laying of the same event at different bookmakers in order to take advantage of a bookmaker’s mistake in setting the odds.
  • Very old and trusty. They’ve been in business for more than 15 years, since 1998. Complies with the laws of all countries and has pulled out from wherever it had to: US, UK, Denmark and so on. This means that they are keeping it legal and there is no risk for the business to go suddenly under.

Here’s an image link that will give you whatever promotion they have active when you register (the links from above should also do the job):

For countries that are banned on Pinnacle or SBOBET, these are the quality options:
Bookmakers: BetOnline (the best option; use it primarily)
Exchanges: Matchbook
Brokers: Samvo
I wouldn’t use these if I had access to Pinnacle Sports though. Also, I would never use Vegas sportsbooks. Their theoretical hold is too high.

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  • is not a safe and secure site. Your bet isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on and they can cancel a bet at anytime. Absolutely the worst bookie.

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