How Do You Choose The Best Casino In Switzerland?

Switzerland is one of the best places in the world for digital gamblers. You may never have thought of that but here is the truth: local online casinos are banned in Switzerland by local, regional and national authorities. But Swiss citizens ARE ALLOWED to play online in any casino of their choice that is hosted elsewhere.

The government opened the international online market of entertainment to its citizens and, at the same time, rid them of the necessity to pay taxes. That’s right – every dollar you win comes straight into your wallet. No tax, no nothing, just pure, juicy prizes.

Choosing a casino, on the other hand, can be a challenge given the web is dark and full of terrors. If it wasn’t for Swiss casino guide, you could risk entering every site blindly without initial feedback of information.

the best casino in switzerland

How to choose casinos?

There is a handy process for picking the best digital casino. You can simply follow these steps and succeed with the games you like and the prize money your government won’t charge taxes for.

Here they are:

  • Pay attention to testimonials. It’s better to look for review sites first and proceed to actual casinos later on. This way you will be saving both time and money on research and you will know all the rules even before you visit a casino.
  • Look for certifications. The first thing you do on a gambling site is avoid the distraction of offers and bonuses. Proceed to the “About US” page ASAP and check for certifications. If a site is approved by international entities and has all required licensing – rest assured, it supports the rules of fair gambling.
  • Secondly, look for languages. You may feel more comfortable on a site in German or French rather than generic English. Look for an option to change the language of a site for a more immersive experience.
  • Pay attention to bonuses. Decent sites offer nifty deposit bonuses of $100, 200 and even 300/ Anything above that sum may indicated a fraud site baiting naïve players, Anything less is simply offensive.
  • Keep an eye on loyalty programs. A decent site awards loyal players with free spins, awards, access to premium content or even monetary prizes. So, once a site is chosen – stick to it.


how do you choose the best casino in switzerland

What else is there to know?

Not much, really. You already have all it takes to gamble, win and succeed. Perhaps the next jackpot awaits your lucky hand? Who knows? You definitely don’t unless you give it a try.

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