Essential books for entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneurship is a gambling enterprise. The risk is well worth it because on average it has the highest return of investment compared to other gambles. Even through luck is important, I would argue that your knowledge and your character are the defining factors. In order to maximize your chances, you have to refine these with a few books. Make sure you don’t fall into the extreme though. There’s a trap that gets many entrepreneurs: they feel that they’re never ready and they keep reading business books their entire life, never pulling the trigger. When it comes to entrepreneurship, the experience gained by actually building companies that fail or succeed is priceless. You wouldn’t be able to learn a foreign language by just reading the vocabulary and understanding the grammar. You have to learn, then use what you’ve learned (speak with other people). Learn how to think as a modern businessman, then go out there and do it!

Yeah… just four books. Purchase them right now, read them and after that do not delay: start a business! A successful startup is a hard achievement, well worth it. The books that I recommended won’t make it sound easy, but they should save you from most of the mistakes that people do in the early stages.

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