Essential books for the best blackjack players

Reading is an essential skill if you want to succeed in life and make your own luck. Whenever I got into a new activity I spent entire days, sometimes weeks, reading continuously. This is the essence of a life that revolves around knowledge. This is how you take complete understanding of what you want to achieve and become independent to the whims of others. Do you want to be one of the best blackjack players? Below are the books that a friend of mine, which actually makes a living through this game, considers absolutely essential. After reading them you will excel at this. Don’t just read one of them, READ ALL OF THEM! The people that are at the top have read the best books and whenever something new will be worth reading, they’ll check it out as well.

This is the book that started it all.
Obligatory reading material.

A biography that will give you great insight into the contemporary world of blackjack and make you treat it as a business.

Arnold Snyder’s book “Radical Blackjack”. It’s not out yet. Subscribe from the top bar and I will let you know when it’s available for purchase.

If taking everything into consideration (including blackjacks and splits/doubles – favorable situations where you’re given the opportunity to bet more), with basic strategy the “game of twenty-one” has a house edge of about 0.5%. Double-zero roulette is ten times that, at 5%. Which do you want to play? Now add to your arsenal the simplest counting system where you keep track of the amount of tens and aces in the deck and that house advantage transfers to you. You’re now the one making money, not the casino. This is the beginning, yet you can do even more because of the knowledge gained from these books. Add supreme discipline in bankroll management, gain the control of emotions that a poker player has, implement indices, memorize both the H17 and S17 deviations, bring some friends or collaborators as spotters – quite essential, and so on. If you’re me, make sure you don’t sit at the Spanish 21 or the Blackjack Switch table by mistake 😛 Blackjack can be the beginning of an alternate career if you’re a perfectionist and work hard for just four months. No’one should play games like roulette.

UPDATE: I’ve shown this list to quite a few card counters since I’ve written the article and everybody has agreed that it’s perfect and complete. Because of the initial feedback, I had to remove one of the books though.


  • One simple question. Can you make money playing blackjack in online casinos (Random Number Generated, not Live dealer)?

    Playing with basic strategy I got 10 loses in a row, multiple times… Of course this was after a winning spree… I think they are rigged in some way..

    • I wouldn’t touch those without a live dealer. You can play online with a live dealer: use BetOnline if you’re from US and Pinnacle in any other case. The best method is always to go to a casino though because you can play more hands per hour and you’re getting drinks and other free stuff.

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