Essential books for the best sports bettors / punters

Reading is an essential skill if you want to succeed in life and make your own luck. Whenever I got into a new activity I spent entire days, sometimes weeks, reading continuously. This is the essence of a life that revolves around knowledge. This is how you take complete understanding of what you want to achieve and become independent to the whims of others. Do you want to actually be a long term profitable sports bettor (punter)? Below are the books that I consider absolutely essential. Start by reading the articles from the “Sports Betting” category of this website, then continue with these books. Or the reverse. After this, if you are of average intelligence, you should be able to devise a strategy that helps you win consistently in the long term. Don’t read just one of them, READ ALL OF THEM! The people that are at the top have read the best books and whenever something new will be worth reading, they’ll check it out as well.

An easy read for when your brain gets tired.

Another light reading.

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