is coming! Free and open source, it will allow checking bets for value

I hope you like the domain name:

The reason is easy to see: first you filter your bets, then you win.

The purpose of the online app will be to become the final check BEFORE placing a bet. It will help eliminate the really bad ones, even when it’s hard to let go. Even better, it will be completely free and open source. Depending on how much time I got, I might make it available as an app for Android and iOS as well, for the cost of 1 EUR since it will have to at least pay my cost of obtaining a developer license for the two platforms.

How did I get to that? A little history is necessary to explain my purpose. At the start of January 2016 I decided to create a few million-dollar Ethereum projects.

What is Ethereum you ask?

In order to be capable of supervising a company that does development for the world computer, I needed to know the technology myself extremely well. For this purpose, I decided to first win a few hackathons and to gather a team of programmers around Ethereum Romania, people including myself that would be willing to grow branches around the technology without expecting anything in return. The experience gained should be enough. I realized fast that an important step would be building the user interfaces. For this reason, I signed up for a 2 week trial with codecademy and in a few days I finished these curses and ALL the projects attached to them: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Git. After that I canceled the trial and improved myself at JavaScript, including by learning the features of ES6. Since then I also learned at an advanced level jQuery-UI, Bootstrap 3 & 4, Underscore, Underscore.String, MongoDB and at beginner level Node. The month of January hasn’t ended and I also learned the big one: Meteor! I read a great book that detailed this technology (Meteor in Action) and I also read its official guide and the guides of at least 10 related packages (Simple-Schema, Collection2, Iron-Router, Iron-Cli, Momentum, etc.). Yep, I’ve been doing non-stop reading and coding this month, it’s been hard and fun in the same time. What’s funny is that I actually started the month directly with Meteor, Solidity, eth.web3, TypeScript and Angular 2 before realizing it’s too hard for me and I have to restart with the basics. I leave most of these for later. Now I want to put what I know into fruition and gain a bit of actual real-life experience. This is why before going into Ethereum-mode, I’ll be developing two unrelated projects with Meteor. One of them is The last few days I’ve been slowed down by various factors, including bugs from the unofficial packages and my desire to recode the same modules of the app in different manners, in order to expand my experience. I will prevail though and with this I’m starting a great new chapter of my life.

How can you help? Well, in this beginning stages, what I’ll need most is ideas. Write in the comments or message me through social media and tell me what checks you need for your bets. Here’s an example with the two most basic checks I can think about:

  • First thing, to get it out of the way and not have the user influenced by the subsequent tasks, ask for a percentage based probability on how often will the event occur. For example: do you want to bet that Real Madrid will win instead of drawing or losing in their next match? How often do you think that would happen? 85%. OK, let’s go to step 2.
  • Input the odds, calculate the bookmaker margin, compare it with the averages for that event and so on. The checks will get more complicated as it goes on. I have a certain flow in mind.


But give me more ideas! Help me make this a great thing!

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