Gambling through cryptocurrencies

This article will give you an introduction to cryptocurrencies (Part 1) and it will help you make the best choice when gambling through this superior method (Part 2).

Part 1

Cryptocurrencies are online money regulated through cryptography instead of central banks and corporate scammers. They are the inevitable evolution of exchange mediums. In the near future they will be used to pay for everything. The fees are negligible. The transfers are instant. They offer privacy: not even the IRS or your spouse is able to access your cryptocurrency account if you have tight computer security. If you won’t be using some form of cryptocurrency in the next ten years it probably means that you’re a fucking idiot; you’re that guy that doesn’t understand anything related to technology and always has to ask. It doesn’t matter that the world evolves around you because you are stuck in time. Your opinions never change, your knowledge doesn’t grow, you don’t progress. Are you this guy? Even if you are, keep reading, maybe you can start improving now.

There’s a bunch of cryptocurrencies battling for the number one spot at the moment; their objective is to achieve the optimal set of features that will translate into viral global acceptance and scalability. We’re not there yet therefore we’ll gamble with the cryptocurrency that has currently the highest liquidity and usability. Its set of features is not the best (I wouldn’t even put it in top 30), but we need “online money” that are easy to acquire, liquidate or spend online: that’s Bitcoin.

Getting a Bitcoin account (also called “wallet” or “address”) is fast and free. Simply install MultiBit. That’s all folks. No need to go to the bank and sign paperwork. After that put some gambling money in the account with the help of, or even easier if you’re from a country that they accept. There are other ways as well but if you learn the LocalBitcoins method you’re better off in the long term (because the fees are lower and the exchange methods are endless). If you want to learn more about Bitcoin, read here.

Part 2

Why do you want to gamble online through cryptocurrencies instead of going to a casino? The answers are many: higher limits, faster bets, convenience, games that are provably fair (when finished, you can prove mathematically, with only basic understanding of cryptography, that you haven’t been cheated), instant cash-outs and most importantly, lower house edge. MUCH LOWER. As an example, the roulette house edge is 2.7% for Single Zero and 5.26% for Double Zero. This means that for every 100 EUR bet, you lose 2.7 EUR and 5.26 EUR respectively in the long term. At Primedice, the best online cryptocurrency casino, the edge is only 1%! Go to the website now, choose a username, check the box that says you’re over 18 and click on the only button. The application will instantly create an account for you. On the left side you can set a password and an email for it, in order to better secure it. After that you’re set. The deposit and withdrawals are done through Bitcoin and the game is not just fun but also social. There’s a “chat” button and two rooms. Have fun! If you win, you can transform your winnings back to cash through or you could spend it in online stores that accept this method of payment (,, etc.)

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