How to postpone having your account restricted when placing your bets through a shitty bookmaker

restricted limited bookmaker account

If you’re on the beginning journey to becoming a professional gambler, you’re probably using a betting strategy similar to this with a small bankroll until you prove yourself that you actually got what it takes mentally. You might not be betting only on Asian handicap yet, therefore you’re probably not using serious bookmakers that don’t limit accounts. You’re not at that stage of your career. You’re placing bets through shitty, non-business savvy, retarded bookmakers like Interwetten or Bet365. Because they haven’t found out about the high-volume low-profit business model that works best for everybody (example: Amazon), they’re trying to rip off customers whenever possible and invite those that seem to be long-term winners to withdraw their money and bet with somebody else. Pussies! If you’re able to make a profit off their back, you better know as well how to postpone them limiting your account for as long as possible. I don’t say “avoid being limited”, as others do, because that’s impossible. Delaying the inevitable is possible though. Regarding this, I’ve noticed that the internet is full of articles that suggest the dumbest stuff, especially how to lose money to them from time to time. Here´s some of their ridiculously bad advice:

  • place bad bets from time to time and hedge them off on some exchange for a small overall loss;
  • use e-wallets for deposit and withdraw (supposedly you should do this because the fees are lower for the bookies. It’s a dumb assumption that it is a factor, based on nothing: use whatever is most convenient for you – with the lowest fees);
  • throw money into bad parlays/combos;
  • do not bet in the lower leagues (huh? Just bet wherever you can make a profit);
  • don’t bet when the odds are obviously wrong, when they’ve made a mistake/error (what? Don’t bet in the perfect situation? If you’re that dumb to listen to this, I say go even further: bet only whenever you’re sure they won’t be mad about it, when the odds that they offer have nothing to do with reality and are completely in their favor. In all seriousness now, don’t bother trying to quantify how high is the probability that the odds are high due to a software/employee error… just bet whenever you have the advantage!);
  • don’t bet the maximum amount available (funny considering how low the maximum stakes are at shitty bookmakers anyway. I wonder if the people writing these article have placed a bet in their life… or are they simply trying to make some money with affiliate marketing, SEO and copy-paste articles?);
  • etc.

Now for the part of the article that actually has sensible information… how do you postpone getting limited? Here’s the list of what you need to do:

  1. Use a new email, unused anywhere else, when creating an account with a bookmaker.
  2. Don’t have any activity related to betting or relation with good bettors on your personal social media accounts or blog.
  3. Since cookies track your activity, make sure you have some activity, don’t just login and bet, then log out. That’s what professionals do. You want to log in from time to time, wander aimlessly and maybe place no bet at all. “Watch” some live event. Leave the browser open with the live betting after placing the bet. Etc. Think about what a beginner would do and replicate. Just don’t lose money because every cent matters for an impressive ROI!)
  4. Combine +EV bets into combos. Parlays convince lots of them instantly that you’re a novice, but parlays with +EV bets (profitable bets) are actually a better thing than placing the bets individually. Read this article fully if you don’t know why.
  5. Always round stakes. For example don’t bet 2451.6 EUR because that seems like arbing for bookmakers. Bet 2500 EUR.
  6. Withdraw as late as possible.
  7. Call them and ask for higher limits/removing limits. If you’re calling internationally, don’t forget to add the cost of the call in the excel file as a lost bet. I’m not being cheap, I’m just giving an example about how you should always consider costs, even the value of your time, when calculating the profitability of an activity.
  8. After you’re account has become useless with them and if the profit made was worthwhile, don’t waste time: get on another laptop/tablet and create an account through VPN with the data of a spouse, a friend or a family member that doesn’t have the same family name. Obviously it’s an advantage if it’s male therefore polygamous gay male gamblers will have an advantage here. Take the money of the shitty bookmaker and repeat endlessly until you’re ready to change strategy and move to the higher stakes. Always make sure to keep that VPN on though!

You’re a great man if you help burying one more shitty bookmaker. Their business model deserves bankruptcy. Good luck! If you have any more tips, leave them as comments below.


    • Good question.
      Web apps can fingerprint someone’s device and associate his identity with that particular browser + plugins, OS + updates, unique device ID, etc.
      I said that one needs to use a new device because most of the readers won’t be technically savvy enough in order to conceal their hardware (it can be done by using Firefox with certain plugins). I was being lazy with explanations.

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