The best bookmakers

UPDATE: There’s only one bookmaker that excels in every aspect and that’s Pinnacle. Forget everything else. Pinnacle has the best odds, the highest limits, the best and the most EVERYTHING.

1. They are the only bookmaker that accepts winnersTo verify this statement you can check their terms of service. (this means they won’t ask you to stop betting on their interface if you take their money).
2. They have the highest limitsTo verify this statement you can make an account and compare with other bookmakers. (this means they accept big bets).
3. They have the lowest marginTo verify this statement check the odds for a few events on an odds comparison service. Compare only with other serious bookmakers, not with the scams. If you compare with exchanges, take commission into consideration. (this means they give good odds).

How is this possible? For an answer you can understand how handicapping works from their perspective. Example:
If the result of an event is A or B, they will give odds that would balance the amount of money they are liable to lose on each outcome. Since they have a bookmaker margin (this means they overvalue the probability of each outcome), whatever happens, they will give out less money that they take. So you see… they’re not in the business of predicting sporting events better than you. They’re in the business of choosing odds that would entice people to bet in a way that balances their books.

If you’re from a country where online gambling is illegal, you could try to find a way to make an account with Pinnacle or use an online broker. Brokers usually bring worse odds and an additional layer of risk, therefore in these situations I always recommend the bookmaker BetOnline. It is the closest in quality to Pinnacle and it accepts registrations from ALL the countries.

If you care more about being a loser than about putting yourself in a position where you can be profitable with sports betting, go ahead and gamble at Bet365 and other money traps. Do it especially at live betting, at least you’ll have a blast! Or be impressed by the 150 EUR bonus at some no-name bookmaker and deposit there. It doesn’t matter that there will always be a fine print and in the long term you’ll lose a lot more because the odds and their rules are shit. At least they’ve given you 150 virtual moneyz!!

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t possibly live long enough to make them all yourself. (Sam Levenson)

Anyway… Register on Pinnacle now, then make sure to use bankroll management because I don’t want you to lose your money. Lesson 3 from the sports betting guide touches on bankroll management:

I wish you good composure and good luck!

P.S. Other, less worthy, bookmakers/exchanges/brokers: SBOBET (second best, it has the same operating method as Pinnacle but lower limits, worse support and higher juice), Samvo, Matchbook, Smarkets and lastly 5Dimes. If possible, start by using Pinnacle or BetOnline though.

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