How we rate and review

Gamblers United online casino reviews and ratings are designed to help players make more informed decisions when playing casino online.

Our ratings take into consideration every single aspect of the casino that will influence a player’s gaming experience, with ease of use, level of entertainment, and safety being the most important considerations.

The higher the rating, the more likely you as a player will have a pleasurable and secure experience at the casino site in question.

The Meaning of Each Grade

The Gamblers United Ratings use the following main grade scale:

Rating Interpretation Advice
A+ Elite Casinos with a perfect score for all criteria. Very rare.
A Excellent Great testing results. Highly recommended.
B Good Predominantly good results. Recommended to play.
C Fair Overall mixed results but still playable.
D Bad Predominantly bad results. Not recommended.
E Blacklisted Scams, no payout, unfair games etc. Avoid at all costs.

As you can see in our grading scale, our ratings are not only based on our in-depth analysis of a casino’s features and our own experience with them, but we also take heavily into consideration the volume and severity of legitimate complaints filed against a casino by players.

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If a casino routinely experiences serious valid complaints such as not paying out winners or enforcing abusive terms and conditions, we will award them with a rating of F - effectively blacklisting them and recommending all players to stay away.

Why you should read casino reviews

There are many things in this world you don’t want to go into completely blind. Casino gaming is definitely one of them.

Just like you wouldn’t want to buy stock before properly researching the company, you won’t want to risk your money at a casino that may not live up to its promises.

With hundreds of casinos out there competing for your business, it’s getting harder and harder for new players to differentiate between the great casinos and the bad just based on appearances or word of mouth alone. This is where our online casino reviews come into play.

Providing you with a comprehensive overview on key aspects of the casino experience, every casino review on our site will give you the latest information on key aspects of a casino, including deposit methods, updated bonus and promotion offers and important details on the site’s terms and conditions.

We will also teach you how to navigate a casino’s site, including the process for signing up and logging in, how to deposit and withdraw, or how to find the games you are looking for.

After reviewing over all the fundamental features of their service, we will then provide you with our final verdict on whether we recommend playing on this casino or not, as well as what type of player could particularly benefit from their services.


They say that knowledge is power, and when it comes to online casino gambling it is certainly not any different.

The more you know about a casino’s operation, the more at rest you will feel knowing that your money is in safe hands and that – rather than having to worry about unfair games or sub-par service – you can simply focus on enjoying your favorite casinos games without a care in your mind.

By reading trusted online casino reviews, a well-informed player can easily steer clear of all avoidable negative experiences, as choosing a disreputable casino is not the kind of gamble you’ll want to make.

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