Cashback Casino Bonus

Gamble online and get some of your lost money back? You read it right, a cashback casino bonus gives you back a percentage of your lost or deposited money. However, there are conditions which we will explain to you in detail on this page.

Below is a complete listing of all cashback bonuses currently available

Best Cashback Casinos in 2022

What is a cashback bonus?

An online casino cashback bonus means that the gambling site gives you back a percentage of your net money lost over a specific period of time for a certain type of game, for example online slots.

At some online casinos you get a percentage back of your deposit from the previous day. For example:

  • The online casino gives a 20% daily cashback bonus on net losses on slot games;
  • You lose $100 on Starburst for example
  • The next day you receive €20 cashback on your losses

The cashback is always paid out in the form of a sticky bonus. This means that you cannot cash out the returned money immediately, but must first meet the wagering requirements.

Pros and cons

Cashback bonuses are not very interesting for players who spend little. Usually there is a minimum loss requirement of around €100. But for players who spend more and for VIP players, the cashback bonus is an excellent opportunity to alleviate some of the losses incurred.

A big advantage is that you can use a cashback bonus multiple times and compared to other casino bonuses it is in practice less complicated. Besides that it is also good to know that you can wager the cashback money on all casino games.


  • Can be used several times 
  • Refund of part of net loss 
  • Uncomplicated 


  • Winning conditions 
  • Minimum loss conditions

How to claim a cashback bonus?

Below we explain step by step how to claim a cashback bonus. To illustrate this, the pictures show the different steps of the process. Play responsibly.
  • Time Needed: 00:10
  • Tools Required: PC, Mobile Phone
  • Supplies Needed: Money, Internet
Step 1 - Choose a cashback type
Choose a cashback type
You can choose between cashback bonuses on your previous deposit, net lost money, high roller, or time-based. However, most provider give cashback on net lost money.
Step 1
Step 2 - Use a casino top list
Use a casino top list
Our top list provides a handy overview of cashback casinos with the best offers, just click on ‘Play Now’ and you will be automatically redirected to the casino.
Step 2
Step 3 - Understand the terms and conditions
Understand the terms and conditions
Before you make a decision, it’s always good to read terms and conditions. Things you should pay particular attention to are minimum loss or deposit terms, maximum and minimum payouts, and the redemption terms.
Step 3
Create an account
Choose a cashback casino from our top list and then click play now. Arriving at the online casino click on “Create Account” and follow the indicated steps.
Step 4

What to look out for

A cashback bonus is when the casino gives you back a portion in the form of a percentage of your net lost money. But how does it work and what should you look out for?

  • Percentages: A casino cashback bonus of, say, 25% means that you will receive up to 25% back on losses made.
  • Expiration date: The received money usually has an expiration date between 1-7 days.
  • Game bound: The returned loss is not always over all games, often it is game bound. For example you may receive the cashback only on losses on specific slot games (a bit like free spins at sign up).
  • Maximum and minimum payout: Often casinos pay out a minimum of €100 and a maximum of €2,000 in cashback bonuses per player per day.
  • Redemption conditions: The bonus amount comes in the form of a stick bonus. Which means that you must wager the amount before you can request a payout.

Different types of cashback bonuses

Cashback bonuses can be divided into different categories, each type has its advantages and disadvantages. It is important to understand which type of cashback promotion is best for you.

Below we will explain which categories are best suited for a certain type of player and give you an example casino:

Highroller and VIP cashback bonuses

Players who are labelled as high roller or VIP by the casino are usually eligible for a VIP cashback bonus. The players will in this case be refunded a percentage of their lost money, which may be daily, weekly or monthly losses.

The amount of the cashback bonus is usually related to the player’s VIP status at the casino.

VIP offers usually have a higher percentage and cash limit compared to regular bonus offers. A casino reload bonus is also generally very popular with VIP players.

cashback casino

Cashback on lost money

In this case the player gets a percentage back over his or her losses on real money gambling. This could be money lost on a particular type of game for example, or on a total lost amount.

Usually you need to lose at least €100 to be eligible and online casinos in most cases pay out up to $€2000 per month in cashback bonus.

Cashback on lost money is usually paid out weekly or monthly but in some cases daily.

Cashback on deposit

This type of cashback bonus is less common but it works like this: you make a deposit and the next day you receive a percentage of your deposit amount back.

For example: you deposit €100 and the casino gives you a 20% cashback bonus. This means that the next day you will receive €20.

Actually better than a free bonus without a deposit, right?

  • Crazy Fox


A cashback bonus is a refund over lost, wagered or deposited money. Normally you will receive a percentage of your net losses on a certain type of game like live casinos or slots.

This type of bonus is mainly attractive for live dealer players, VIPs and players who like to play at the same casino. Depending on the provider cashback bonuses are paid out daily, weekly or monthly.

Usually there are playthrough requirements attached to them which means that you cannot withdraw the bonus immediately. Check out our top list for a handy overview of cashback casinos.

De Senpai’s top 8 cashback gambling sites

Rang Cashback Casino Bonus Free Spins Min. Deposit
1 Praise Casino 25% 300 €20
2 Pino Casino 20% 150 €20
3 Crazy Fox 20% 0 €20
4 Casiqo 10% 0 €20
5 Amok Casino 10% 0 €10
6 Mount Gold 10% 0 €10
7 Refuel 10% 0 €10
8 Winny Casino 10% 0 €20

Frequently asked questions

💬 How do I find a cashback casino?

The toplist at the top of this page gives you a handy overview of different types of online casinos with cashback. You can recognize these gambling sites yourself by going to the provider’s promotions page.

💬 How do I receive a cashback bonus?

You will receive a cashback bonus automatically once you meet the conditions. Conditions to take into account are minimum loss, and type of game the casino gives money back for.

💬 Can I withdraw a cashback bonus immediately?

This depends on the online casino, if there are playthrough requirements attached to the bonus you will need to convert the bonus before you can withdraw the earned amount. Therefore always read the terms and conditions.

💬 Is cashback only valid on lost money?

This varies from provider to provider, there are sites like for example Crazy Fox which offer a daily cashback for deposited money. Most casinos pay out cashback on net lost money on a certain type of game such as slots or live games.

💬 Are there any iDEAL casinos with cashback?

Yes. Several of the best gambling sites with iDEAL offer a cashback promotion. Some examples are PinoCasino, Crazy Fox, and Winny Casino.