Online Casinos Bonuses – Promotions & Deals

One of the best incentives for playing with real money, online casino bonuses are known for giving players a lot more bang for their buck.

Unlike land based casinos, online casinos are ready to shower you with fantastic offers and promotions in order to win over your business. With operational costs being much lower online – and competition between casinos being a lot fiercer – players can easily benefit from receiving the best bonuses for their deposits.

For those players looking for the best bonus offers online, the gamblers-united has put together this helpful guide to help you in your hunt.

Best Online Casino Bonuses in 2022

What is a casino bonus?

If you’ve ever looked into playing casino online, you’ll probably have been bombarded with ads offering all sorts of casino bonuses. But what are online casino bonuses exactly?

Often listed by players as one of the most attractive aspects of playing casino games online, casino bonuses are an additional incentive given to players whenever they sign up or make a qualifying deposit.

This incentive can come in many different forms, although most commonly you will find it as a ‘Match bonus’ or bonus free spins.

A match bonus awards you a monetary amount that matches a percentage of your deposit amount. For example, if a casino advertises a 50% match bonus and you deposit $500, you will receive a total of $750 in your account – your initial $500 plus a $250 match bonus.

Meanwhile, casinos will also offer bonuses in the form of free spins on their popular video slots. Free spins allow you to spin the reels of a slot free of cost and keep all the winnings that follow.

These free spins may be limited to particular slot machines, or at times may be simply used in the slot of your choice.

Both match play and free spin bonuses may be subject to wagering requirements before you can withdraw your winnings. Therefore, we highly recommend you always review the terms and conditions of any bonus offered to ensure they are fair before you accept it.

Some terms and conditions to avoid:

  • Wagering requirements above 35x
  • Limit to winnings with bonus money
  • Be on the lookout for low deposit requirements
  • Avoid bonuses that expire within 7 days

The pros and cons

Now that you have a better understanding of what a casino deposit bonus is, let’s go over some of the advantages and disadvantages of receiving casino bonuses.

At first glance casino bonus offers seem almost too good to be true. With many reputable casinos offering bonuses of 100% of your deposit or hundreds of free spins, it’s not hard to get excited about the added value you are receiving for your deposit, and how it can greatly increase your chances of winning.

While casino bonuses are certainly something to get excited about, it is also important to be aware of the restrictions the may be attached to this bonus, as it may limit your ability to withdraw at any time if you’ve not completed the wagering requirements. Some bonuses also come with limitations that may not allow you to use it in the exact way you would like.


  • Quick bankroll boost
  • Ability to try new slots that are on offer
  • Enjoy additional rewards like free spins


  • Wagering requirements
  • Bonuses expiration date
  • Limitations on games
  • Limits on bets

Always read the terms and conditions of a bonus in order to know exactly what to expect!

How to claim the best bonuses online

There are thousands of online casinos out there claiming to offer the best casino bonus in order to entice you to deposit. However, not all of them are reputable and safe operations. Others may offer big casino bonuses, but add unrealistic wagering requirements or restrictions to them. Therefore, finding a casino that checks all right boxes with their bonuses AND provides you with a safe and satisfying gaming experience often requires plenty of work. But if you’re reading this, you’re in luck! Your friends at gamblers-united have done the hard part for you! If you want to get started within minutes with a casino guaranteed to fulfill your gaming and bonus expectations, you can do so in 5 simple steps:
  • Time Needed: 00:05
  • Tools Required: PC, Mobile Device
  • Supplies Needed: Time, Money, Internet
How to claim the best bonuses online step 1
Use our toplist to find a bonus within your budget
In order to assist you in your search for the best online casino promotions, we’ve put together our comprehensive list of the top online casino bonuses. These casinos have proven to be some of the most solid casino operations online – as well as offering some fantastic promotions! In each casino’s review we have included relevant information regarding the casino’s safety and security, game variety and, of course, their casino bonuses. Use this list to find the casino that seems right for you!
Step 1
How to claim the best bonuses online step 2
Verify if you already have an account with the operator
All casino bonuses advertised in our toplist are always for new players unless otherwise stated. Therefore make sure that you do not already have an account with the casino, as any new accounts deemed duplicates will likely not apply. Simply go to the casino and use your email address, the casino will tell you if they already have you in the system when you are not sure.
Step 2
Claim your bonus
Create your account and make a deposit for a qualifying amount. Some casinos will ask you to enter a bonus code in order to receive the bonus, while others will just award you automatically.
Step 3
How to claim the best bonuses online step 4
Verify you have received the bonus
Before you start playing, make sure that the bonus has been added to your account. If you believe you have not been awarded your bonus, contact customer support over chat for confirmation before you start playing. Freespins will only show when you open the game, do not start playing if this is not the case and contact customer support.
Step 4
Avoid games that are excluded in the bonus offer
If you have followed our advice and read the bonus rules page before making your deposit, you’ll know if your bonus has any limitations regarding the games it can be used in. Make sure you find a qualifying game whenever you are ready to use your bonus!
Step 5

How online casino bonuses work

Receiving an internet casino bonus is one of the greatest perks of gambling online. Giving you additional budget to play with – or free spins that give you further chances at hitting a jackpot, casino bonuses can be the difference between coming out ahead or having to make another deposit.

When you are hunting for the best casino bonuses you will want to pay attention to the type of bonus you are being offered, in order to ensure you will be able to use it in the games you intend to.

If you are torn between which type of bonus you should apply for, reading the terms and conditions for each promotion type will help you in deciding which is best for you.

online casino bonuses

Match percentage & max amount

When you make a deposit, the operator will match that amount with extra bonus cash. The higher the percentage the more you will receive.

The total amount of the bonus depends on the max amount established by the casino. For example, the bonus advertised may state that you can receive a bonus up to $100.

Sign up bonus example 100% up to $300

Deposit $40 + (100% * $40) Bonus $40 = Play with $80

Deposit $300 + (100% * $300) Bonus $300 = Play with $600

Playthrough requirements

Also known as wagering requirements or rollover, playthrough requirements oblige you to place bets on casino games until you fulfill the amount of action established by the bonus rules, before you can withdraw the winnings derived from the bonus amount. Wagering requirements usually range from 20x to 70x depending on the offer.

Play through requirements calculation: $40 bonus at 35X playthrough

Bonus $40 * 35x Wagering requirement = $1400

Meaning you need to place a total amount of $1400 in bets before you are allowed to withdraw any winning derived from the granted bonus.

Generic bonus terms and conditions

Before you decide to accept a bonus there are several important factors you will want to keep in mind.

Minimum deposit
Most casinos will require you to deposit at least a certain amount before you can qualify for a bonus. This amount may vary between casino – and between promotions as well.

Usually, the minimum deposit ranges between $10-$50.

Game restrictions
While some casinos will allow you to play your bonus in just about any game, others will add some game restrictions to your bonus money. These restrictions may make your bonus available for one particular game (or a few), or it may allow you to play it in all games except for a chosen few.

Each bonus will stipulate any restrictions on the bonus terms and conditions.

Wagering contribution per game
Rather than restricting where you can play your bonus, some casinos will instead give certain types of games different wagering contributions to the bonus rollover.

This means that certain casino games will contribute a smaller percentage towards the wagering requirements than others.

Games such as blackjack and roulette often contribute less towards wagering requirements than more volatile games, such as video slots.

Time constriction
While you will find plenty of casino bonuses that have no expiration date whatsoever, others may indeed carry time constrictions with them. This may force you to have to use your bonus within an established amount of time or risk the bonus expiring before you can use it.

Any bonus with time constrictions must stipulate them on the bonus terms and conditions.

For example, it is possible that a bonus expires within 7 days, if you did not claim and use the bonus within this time it expires and will be removed from your balance.

best online casino bonuses

Types of online casino bonuses

When searching for the best online casino deals, you will quickly realize that casinos offer many different types of online casino bonuses.

Each of the promotions below has their own characteristics and requirements, and it’s certainly worth the time for bonus enthusiasts to become familiar with all of them.

Welcome Bonuses for new signups

A welcome bonus, aka sign-up bonus, is intended for players that create a new account. Awarded once the player has made their first deposit, this bonus will usually be quite sizable – one of the largest the player will receive with the casino.

While most welcomes bonuses are given for an individual deposit, some casinos also offer a welcome package that applies for a series of deposits instead, giving additional value to new players.

Reload offers for existing players

Reload bonuses, aka deposit bonuses, are promotions intended for players that already have an existing account and are replenishing their balance.

Reload offers are intended to reward loyal customers for depositing funds and continuing their casino experience.

While reload bonuses are rarely as juicy as welcome bonuses, most casinos will make sure you always find some fantastic offers available to you.

Mobile Device & specific game bonuses

Mobile device bonuses are bonuses geared towards players who prefer gaming on their tablet or phone.

With more and more players choosing mobile devices for their online casino gaming these days, casinos have taken to award players with mobile-specific promotions. In most cases, these bonuses will be specific game bonuses.

Geared specifically towards particular games – most often video slots or live casino games like Blackjack and Roulette – these bonuses are meant to encourage players to play on their mobiles, as well as to try out particular games.

No Deposit bonuses and Free Spins

No deposit bonuses are a type of bonus that allows you to play for free right away when you sign up for an account – without the need to make a deposit first.

These bonuses are usually only a small amount of cash and are meant to allow players to sample a casino’s services and games before they invest their own funds.

While getting free cash sounds like the perfect scenario, do keep in mind no deposit bonuses usually carry much higher wagering requirements than any other bonus.

Cashback bonuses

A cashback bonus is a different kind of promotion altogether. Rather than receiving a match bonus or free play when you make your deposit, you will instead get a percentage of your losses back to your account.

Cashback credits are usually given as real cash – often without any wagering restrictions, making them one of the best casino bonuses you’ll find. However, cashback bonuses are often considered VIP bonuses by most casinos, and thus not always available to all players.

High roller bonuses

High roller bonuses are usually only available for the casino’s biggest players, who not only deposit large amounts of money, but also tend to place high value bets.

Part of their extended VIP programs, these rewards can take the form of cashback bonuses, high reload bonuses and weekly prizes.

While most casinos will contact you if you qualify as a VIP player, if you believe you should qualify based on your deposit and play history, you can always contact customer service for confirmation.

Biggest casino bonus per type

While our ‘Best casinos bonuses’ top list tells you which casinos offer the best bonuses in general, we have identified the following casinos as being the best ones for each kind of bonus:

Operator Bonus Type Sign up Bonus Best slot bonuses up to $1000 Best deposit bonus up to $1000
PlayAmo Best Free Spins bonus 150 free spins
Pronto Casino Best min. deposit bonus min. $10 up to $100
BetChan Best Roulette bonus up to $1750
BetChan Best Blackjack bonus up to $1750


Although most people think that the best casino bonuses you can find are the ones that offer you the biggest amount, the truth is that bonus amount is only one of the aspects you’ll want to look for.

Getting a bonus that allows you to play it in the games you’d like to play, with reasonable wagering requirements, and little or no time conscriptions can easily be just as important as the match rate percentage.

Likewise, you will also want to ensure that you are not solely swayed to sign up by the bonus offers alone. Make sure the casino you ultimately choose doesn’t just offer great bonus promotions, but also great service, top security, and a wide game catalogue. After all, a bonus is only as good as the casino you get to use it in.

You can use our top list to find reputable and trusted casinos that offer existing promotions that appeal to you, to ensure you will find a casino that fits your expectations – and one you can trust with your gaming needs for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

💬 Can you win real money with bonuses?

Yes, The possibility of winning real money with your casino bonuses is what makes them so enticing. Place bets using your bonus money and any winnings derived from them will go directly into your balance.

💬 What does minimum deposit mean?

If a bonus asks for a minimum deposit, you will need to make a deposit for at least the minimum amount specified in order to qualify for that promotion. If you deposit a smaller amount, you should not expect to receive anything other than your deposit funds.

💬 What is a no deposit bonus?

Unlike most casino bonuses, a no deposit bonus is given to you without the need to make any deposit. Usually a small amount intended for you to test out the casino’s services, no deposit bonuses can indeed be converted into real money if you win. However, they carry high wagering requirements before you can withdraw.

💬 Why do casinos offer bonuses?

With online casino’s operational costs being much lower than their land-based counterparts, most casinos have taken to offer their players bonuses as a means of both enticing new clients and rewarding the loyalty of existing ones.

💬 What does wagering requirement mean?

Most casino bonuses carry wagering conditions that must be met before you can request a withdrawal for your bonus winnings. Requiring you to play through your bonus money a certain number of times established in the bonus rules, if these conditions are not met when you want to withdraw you will only be able to take out winnings derived from your cash balance.

💬 How can I decline a casino bonus?

If you decide you do not want to have any wagering requirements attached to your account, you can always forfeit any applicable bonuses.

While some casinos will require a code or request from your end before they award you with a bonus, if you see that a bonus has been awarded to you automatically after your deposit, contact customer service to ask for its cancellation before you play through any funds.

💬 What is the best bonus for new players?

Big casino bonuses are always available for new players. However, with promotions constantly changing, if you want to know the biggest bonuses at any time simply check out our best bonuses list for the top and latest promotions.

💬 I did not receive my bonus what now?

If you have made a deposit that you believe should qualify for a welcome bonus and yet do not see the additional funds in your account, contact customer service right away.

If you indeed qualify for your desired bonus, customer service will award it to you after reviewing your account.

💬 Are there casino bonuses for roulette?

Definitely! Most match bonuses offered by online casinos are available to be used on Roulette. Likewise, many casinos also offer different Roulette-exclusive bonuses and promotions, as well as roulette contests.

💬 Are their special bonuses for high rollers?

Yes. If you like to play for big limits, online casinos will accommodate you into one of their VIP programs, where you will be able to enjoy exclusive high roller promotions and plenty of exciting perks!