No Account Casinos – Play Without Registration

Before you can get started playing real money games, most top online casinos will take you to a registration page where you will need to enter your personal information. This may include your name, address, phone number, email address, and sometimes even an ID number.

While this information will be heavily encrypted and stored safely by any reputable casinos, not all players feel comfortable disclosing this kind of sensitive information.

Luckily for them, the latest technological advances have allowed for the arrival of no account casinos – sites that allow you to deposit and play for real money without the need for an account. Casinos without registration are an extremely safe, private, and fast way to enjoy your favorite casino games.

List: Best No Account Casinos 2022

What is a no registration casino?

A no account casino – also known as a no registration casino – does away with lengthy registration processes or the need to send in any sensitive information or documents to validate your account.

Instead, using your banking information to identify yourself and transfer funds, casinos without registration are able to avoid the need for an account, or the requirement for you to confirm your identity with documentation before they can process a withdrawal.

This is all possible thanks to cutting edge platforms like Trustly and Zimpler, who connect your bank to the casino in an easy, safe and completely secure way.

Simply identify yourself through your bank and you will be able to log in and access any funds you’ve transferred to the casino, as well as move money in and out to your bank.

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Pros and Cons: Casinos without registration and account

While skipping the need for registration sounds like every casino player’s dream, there are many different qualities to consider when you are choosing which casino to play at.

No account casinos have plenty to offer players when it comes to security and ease of use, but there are other aspects where – based on your priorities – more traditional casinos may have the upper hand.


  • Register at the casino directly through your bank account
  • No need to share your email address or phone number
  • Extremely high level of security
  • Instant withdrawals


  • Not all casinos offer demo mode or free play of games
  • You need to possess a BankID to be able to deposit, if you do not have it you can easily request it from your bank
  • ‘No Deposit’ welcome bonuses are rare at no registration casinos. However, most of them do offer welcome promotions when you make your first deposit. Check out our toplist for more information.

How to play at a casino without registration

If you are like most casino players, you have never played at no account casinos before and probably have many questions on how to get started. With that in mind, we’ve put together this guide for gamblers that are new to playing at Pay N Play casinos, with the aim of making it extremely fast and easy for you to get started with the best games online. Using Trustly to identify yourself and transfer funds provides an extremely high level of security, as well as allowing for instant deposits and withdrawals directly to your bank. Just follow our steps on how to get started and you will be playing within minutes!
  • Time Needed: 00:05
  • Tools Required: PC, Mobile Device, BankID
  • Supplies Needed: Time, Money, Internet
Choose a casino without registration
Finding the right Pay N Play casino can take hours of research and review of each casino’s features and policies. Check out our No Account Casinos List to find the best casinos without registration that are powered by Pay N Play payment methods and find the one that suits you best.
Step 1
Make a deposit
Click on the casino of your choice and you will be redirected straight to the casino’s cashier page, where you will find an overview of the available deposit options. The verification process will be completed by logging in to your back account via the cashier.
Step 2
Step 3 - Go to games lobby
Instantly play your favorite games
Your deposit will instantly be credited to your account and you can start playing real money games right away!
Step 3
Step 4 - Withdrawal
Make an instant withdrawal
A great way to verify that withdrawals are indeed instant is to test it out. When you are ready to send funds back to your bank, simply click on withdrawal and follow the steps presented to you. Withdrawals should show up in your bank account in a matter of minutes!
Step 4

Trustly’s Pay N Play

If you’re anything like us, when you heard about an online casino without registration for the first time, you were a bit skeptical as to how that could be possible – and legal.

Any casino that is licensed by a reputable gaming jurisdiction will be required to not only confirm that their customers are 18 or older, but they must also comply with a series of KYC (Know your customer) regulations to ensure the necessary transparency and compliance with all applicable laws.

So how exactly can an online casino operate without the customer providing any information or documentation to verify his identity?

Enter Trustly, and their groundbreaking Pay N Play technology. Allowing you to use your BankID to identify yourself, Trustly has managed to skip over the necessity for players to provide sensitive information to the casino. Instead, you bank can simply verify who you are through your Bank ID, as well as verify that you are of age to gamble.

Not only does this procedure save customers plenty of hassle and time, but it also ensures the highest level of security for your account and your information.

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How does Pay N Play work?

In order to make a deposit and start playing, all you need to do is login to your trusted online bank via Trustly. Once you make a deposit, Trustly extracts the necessary information to fulfil the KYC/AML documentation and delivers any necessary data to the online casino, who will then automatically create an account for you.

Thanks to this process being done automatically for you, there is no need go through the customary registration process or even give away your email address or telephone number.

Once you are done playing you can simply close the website. When you are ready to come back and start playing again, simply identify yourself through your bank account and you will find your funds waiting for you exactly where you left them.

Can you still create an account?

If you still prefer the old fashion registration process, some casinos actually allow you to create an account the customary way – by filling out all your personal information – and yet still use Trustly for deposits and withdrawals. This allows you to take advantage of Trustly’s lightning fast transfers, even if you rather register yourself.

If you rather not use your BankID in order to log in, some casinos have also started allowing you to log in using your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. An account will then be created for you, for which you will use your social media login to access.

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How no account casinos compare vs traditional casinos

Casinos have come a long way since the days where traditional brick and mortar casinos were king. While thousands of players still prefer the unique excitement and ease of playing casino games inside a physical casino, the online casino revolution has managed to sway millions to its fold thanks to the incomparable convenience of being able to play 24/7 from home – or on the go on your mobile device.

No Account casinos

Thanks to the ground-breaking Pay N Play technology, no account casinos have been able to shorten the distance in many of the areas that have made players prefer traditional casinos in the past.

Much like a land based casino, no account casinos will allow you to deposit and withdraw funds practically instantaneously – doing away with long waits to get your money back.

Add to this no lengthy registration process, a huge library of games, and the ease and availability of playing anytime/anywhere, and it’s easy to understand why so many are choosing no account casinos these days.

Traditional casino

Despite the introduction of live casino, when it comes to atmosphere few can compete with traditional land based casinos.

There’s definitely something special about sitting at a table with strangers and trying to take down the house together.

However, when it comes to practically everything else, the traditional casino experience pales in comparison to today’s online casinos. Land based casinos not only require you to leave your home to play, but they have a much smaller variety of games, and simply cannot offer the kind of bonuses that no account casinos can.

Bonuses at no registration casinos

Just like any other online casino, no account casinos usually offer plenty of enticing bonuses and promotions to their customers –whether new or existing – whenever they deposit.

These bonuses can come in the form of additional cash to play with, or as free spins in popular video slots. While some casinos will make these free spins specific to a particular slot machine, others may allow you to use them in whichever slot you choose.

Every no account casino offers its players different kinds of bonuses and promotions, usually depending on the amount you deposit. For the up to date information on the latest bonuses and promotions, check our top lists to ensure you get the best possible deal for your bucks.

Regardless of what type of bonus you receive, make sure you always review the terms and conditions in order to ensure you are aware of the number of times you will be expected to play your deposit over before you can withdraw, or any additional bonus policies that may prevent you from getting a payout whenever you want.

No deposit bonuses

While no registration casinos will usually offer a standard welcome bonus as good as any traditional online casino, there is one area where they simply cannot compete: No deposit bonuses. Thanks to the nature of Pay N Play casinos – which require you to make a deposit in order to create an “account” – no account casinos simply cannot offer bonuses to players before they make their first deposit.

While some players will miss the ability to try out the casino with a free bonus before they deposit, most players seem content enough to forego such a thing in exchange for a simpler and faster service.

How do I recognize a no registration casino?

There are many different signs that will let you know if the casino you are looking to join is a no account casino.

The most obvious indicator, most casinos of this sort will actively promote that they are a no account casino, by prominently displaying the words “no account needed” or “no registration” or Pay N Play throughout their site, as this is an important selling point for most of them.

Most no registration casinos will also offer payment methods like Trustly and Zimpler, and some have even done away with having a sign up button at all.

Can I play the same games at casinos without registration?

The difference between traditional online casinos and no account casinos mostly extends to aspects like fast payments, increased security and – of course – no lengthy registration process.

When it comes to games, however, there is not much difference between the two. Any good Pay N Play casino should offer most of the same games you will be used to playing at your regular online casino – including those by industry leading provider like NetEnt, Microgaming, Play’n GO and more.

The main difference has to do with how quickly you get to start playing these games, and how fast you get your winnings from them back when you want them.

Are No Account Casinos safe?

Yes. Not only are no account casinos completely safe, but they are known to be much more secure than your ordinary online casino.

While traditional online casinos use state of the art encryption technology to store your information and ensure its safety, thanks to the use of BankID no account casinos manage to be even safer than that.

Since all your personal information is verified directly by Trustly – one of the most reputable companies in the instant banking business – the casino does not keep any copies of your personal documents, preventing any possibility of a leak. Likewise, your account will only be able to be accessed through your BankID, ensuring maximum security at all times.

Furthermore, all the sites we recommended are licensed by reputable gaming authorities like the UK Gambling Commission, MGA, and Curacao eGaming.


One of the most popular online casino innovations of the last few years, no account casinos are by far the easiest and fastest way to get started with your real money gaming experience.

If you are reluctant to fill out long registration forms or provide sensitive personal documents to fulfill KYC/AML requirements before withdrawing, Pay N Play casinos are definitely the right solution for you.

Providing customers with the highest levels of security and ease, Pay N Play casinos are growing in popularity every day, and seem to be the direction the entire online casino industry will ultimately head in.

Frequently Asked Questions

💬 Will the money stay with the casino when I leave the website?

Yes. Whenever you are ready to end your gaming session, you can simply close down the tab or window you are playing at, or simply surf away. When you return, you will be asked to identify yourself using your BankID, at which point you will be able to access your remaining funds as you left them.

The same is also true in the event of a disconnect.

💬 What is Pay N Play?

Powered by Trustly, Pay N Play is an online payment solution that allows players to make instantaneous deposits and withdrawals directly to their bank account.

Using your BankID to identify yourself, Pay N Play offers secure and direct transactions as well as providing the casino with all the necessary KYC information, doing away with the need for a lengthy registration process.

💬 How do I know if Pay N Play is an option in my country?

Currently accepted by 29 European countries and counting, Pay N Play is constantly building new partnerships with the most reputable banks throughout Europe.

To find out if your country can benefit from their services, simply go to make a deposit at the no registration casino of your choice and choose your country from the drop down menu. If your country is listed, you will be able to use Pay N Play going forward.

💬 How fast will my money be paid out?

Lightning fast payouts are one of the main attractions of no account casinos. While every casino has its own pending time – the amount of time it takes for them to approve your payout, once the payout is approved and processed, you should see the funds in your bank account in a matter of seconds!

💬 Are there other options to Trustly?

Yes. In addition to Trustly, companies like Zimpler, Euteller, and Entercash have also implemented similar technology to allow you verify yourself using your bank account.

💬 Can I still claim a welcome bonus?

Yes. While no account casinos don’t offer bonuses without deposit, they usually do offer some fantastic promotions when you are making your first deposit, or even replenishing your account.

For more information about which bonuses are currently being offered by no registration casinos, consult our No Account Casinos List, or visit the casino’s website for more information.


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