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There are hundreds of great online video poker sites, but how do you choose one that is safe and fair? Here at Gamblers United, we have collected all the safe, legit places to play video poker online. When you find a site from our listings, you know that it can be trusted.

Stay on this page to discover the best video poker sites offering loads of games, fast and hassle-free payouts, and the most generous bonus offers.

Best Video Poker Sites 2022

❗ In the casino search for Jacks or Better or Deuces Wild
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How to play video poker online

Video poker is a fun and challenging virtual casino game based on the five-card draw version of poker. It is a great and accessible adaptation, offering players a more relaxed style of what can be a tense and even intimidating game. Video poker boasts one of the highest return to player percentages of any online casino game. You can easily start playing real money video poker today, by following these simple steps:
  • Time Needed: 00:04
  • Tools Required: PC, Mobile Device
  • Supplies Needed: Time, Real Money, Internet
How to play video poker online step 1
Explore available video poker sites from the list
All the sites listed on this page are tried and trusted places to play online video poker real money. Browse the listings and choose a site, then make an account by providing some personal details. Look out for operators with special bonus offers for video poker.
Step 1
How to play video poker online step 2
Navigate to the video poker games
From the casino’s home page, search for the game Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, or Double Bonus. You can possibly also use the menu to navigate to the video poker section if it’s available (most of the time it’s not).
Step 2
Pay attention to rules
Use the info button within the video poker game to read through the rules. In many cases, video poker sites allow you to practice play for free in demo mode.
Step 3
How to play video poker online step 4
Placing a bet
Decide how many coins you wish to bet, and then place your wager. After this, hit the deal button to receive five cards. Discard as many of these as you wish, and they will be replaced with fresh ones from the deck. If this hand has any winning combinations, you will be paid according to the information found in the paytable.
Step 4
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Video poker types and variants

There are a lot of different variants on the basic game of video poker, just as there are in regular poker. This means that there is sure to be more than one style that suits you, and when you are tired of playing one then there are always more to choose from. The great game variety is one of the aspects of video poker that makes it so fun and popular.

Here are most common video poker types:

Jacks or Better

Probably the most famous version of video poker, this is so named because a pair of jacks is the minimum hand that wins.

Deuces Wild

Playing cards with the value of two are known as deuces, and so in this version of the game a two of any kind is wild. This means that twos can stand in for any other card to create a better hand.

Double Bonus

Based on Jacks or Better, players receive a bonus if they hold four aces.

Jokers Wild

AKA Joker Poker, the deck contains a single joker that acts as the wild card to make combinations. The lowest winning hand in this game is a pair of kings.

Double Double Bonus

Another extremely popular form of the game, this high volatility version pays out twice what Double Bonus poker pays, when the player holds four aces, twos, threes or fours, plus a ‘kicker’ card. This is another one of the aforementioned cards in addition to the four of a kind.

Multi Play

Instead of playing a single hand, these games deal multiple identical hands to the player – three, five, ten, fifty or a hundred hands depending on the version. The player then decides which cards to discard, the same for each hand, and is dealt new cards to make unique hands.

Triple Play

Simply the name for the version of multi play video poker where the player is dealt three identical hands. Bets are made on each hand.

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Video poker terms and phrases

When playing casino video poker, you will find a lot of specialized words and terms relating to the game. Many of these cross over with the original game of poker, while some are unique to video poker. We have put together a quick glossary of common video poker terminology for easy reference.

  • Action: All betting activity, every time you hit a button and the amount that you bet – all these come under the definition of action.
  • All-In: To go all-in means to put all of your remaining chips into the pot.
  • Ace-High: When the player has an ace but nothing better in their hand – no combinations or pairs.
  • Aces Full: A pair and three aces to make a full house.
  • Boat: Another term for a full house.
  • Bust: The hand doesn’t get any better when new cards are drawn.
  • Credits: The amount that you have to play with, depending on the value of each coin. For example, if you deposit $10 into a machine where each coin is worth 10 cents, then the game will display 100 credits.
  • Discard: When the player receives the initial hand, they choose which cards they would like to change by selecting them and clicking the ‘discard’ button.
  • Draw: The replacement cards after the discard as known as the draw, and these cards determine how strong the hand is.
  • Four of a Kind: Four cards of the same face value in a hand.
  • Full House: Three cards of one rank, and two cards of another.
  • Full Pay: Playing a video poker game with the maximum coins and best paytable.
  • Kicker: An ‘extra’ card that doesn’t add to the value of the hand. In Double Double Bonus, the kicker card is significant.

Is it safe to play video poker online?

Playing video poker online for real money or free should be completely safe, and we can help you make sure that it is. The team here at gamblers-united have compiled a comprehensive list of all the best video poker sites to be found online.

Every site that we recommend has been visited, tested and inspected by our experts, and shown to be completely safe, secure and fair. All our sites hold the correct licenses to host and offer online gambling games, so you can be certain that whichever one you choose, you and your personal and financial data will remain protected.

The history of video poker

Although the origins of the game in fact go back much further, today’s version of video poker was invented by Si Redd in the 1970s. At first the game required two pairs for a win, but took off in popularity after the Jacks or Better version was released. Si Redd went on to fund the gaming company IGT.

Video poker quickly took off in casinos, despite the early versions looking a lot more primitive than they do today. The game was a simplified version of poker, needed no interaction with other players, and had a very low house edge. Unlike slots, players have a measure of control over what happens in the game.

Today, there are multiple versions of the game, and video poker online has better graphics and smoother gameplay than the old banks of machines that used to populate casino floors. Slots may have taken over as the number one online casino game, but smart players know that video poker is one of the best, most engaging and potentially lucrative virtual games out there.


Despite the fact that video poker is such a great casino game, many of today’s online casinos have chosen to omit it from their collections. For this reason, it can sometimes be difficult to find a casino site that has a decent selection of video poker.

gamblers-united is here to help, and we have searched high and low for the best video poker sites. We only ever recommend sites that are fully licensed, safe and 100% secure. You will find links to all these sites right here on this page. If you still have any remaining questions about video poker, then check out the FAQ section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

💬 Do I need a special software to play?

These days, players do not need any casino download software in order to play video poker. Some sites may still have it and it can be accessed via the casino, and in some cases mobile sites have apps. More recently, instant play has become the way of things at most video poker sites.

💬 What is the difference between normal and video poker?

Video poker is a simplified, virtual game played individually against the machine. In normal poker, your best hand could be beaten by another player, but in video poker if you have a winning combination then you will receive a payout.

💬 Doesn’t the house have the advantage in video poker?

Like any casino game, the house has an advantage in the long run. However, with a little skill and knowledge, video poker can have a house edge as low as 1% or even less. It is definitely one of the more reliably rewarding of the games available at online casinos.

💬 Do poker strategies work in video poker?

The strategies that players use in regular poker do not necessarily apply to video poker. However, there are different strategies that you can use to improve your video poker performance, and these change depending on which variant you are playing.

💬 Where do I find the best video poker sites?

You can find them right here on this page. Gamblers United has done the hard work of finding and collecting the best video poker sites all in one place, so all you have to do is simply browse our listings and find one that you want to play at.

💬 Are video poker hands ranked in the same order as poker?

Since video poker is based on regular poker, most of the ranking hands are the same or very similar. There are variations depending on the version, but on the whole the winning combinations are the same as for the table version. In fact, if you are a poker novice, then playing video poker can be a great way into the game.

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