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If you want peace of mind when using an gambling site, then we can help. Here at Gamblers United we have selected only the best online casinos just for you. All our recommended sites are licensed and completely safe for all players.

When you play at any of the sites found on our pages, you can be assured of a great experience. We will help you find fantastic casino games, lots of chances to win, popular software providers – all with total protection for players.

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Casino Game Categories & Variety

Welcome to the gamblers-united online casino games guide, where we share with you everything you need to know about the many exciting games that can be found at our recommended sites. These days there is more choice than ever, and the games selection is diverse and sophisticated.

There are literally thousands of games to choose from, from online slots to card and table games. A more recent innovation is live tables, where players can interact with a real dealer on screen and play as they would at a land casino.

One thing to note is that within these different categories, there is always a fairly similar probability of winning. Some games require a higher level of skill, so it is possible to improve your odds with practice. Most of them, however, are based entirely on chance. Remember that when playing at a casino the odds are almost always considerably in favor of the house.

To get an idea of how to play a particular game, or to see if it is something that you would enjoy, check out the free play options. At many casino sites nowadays, you can choose demo mode to get a feel for the game.

The mechanics of the game are exactly the same as when online casino games play for real money, so for example the free mode will not exaggerate how frequently or how much you win. Naturally, you cannot win any real money when using demo mode. And for most players, the chance to get a little cash windfall is what makes the games exciting.

Here is a quick summary of the types of games found at online casinos:

  • Card games: Two of the most popular are poker and blackjack, played with traditional 52-card decks.
  • Live games: A range of classic and modern casino games, fully interactive and streamed direct from special studios.
  • Table games: Most casino games apart from slots fall under the category of table games.
  • Dice games: Any game that involves one or more regular six-sided dice, the most commonplace of which is craps.
  • Online slot machines: By far the most-played games at any casino site, these are digital versions of the cabinet slot games found on every casino floor.
  • Probability games: Most games in this casino games guide could be described as probability games. These are the ones like roulette that rely entirely on chance and have no element of skill involved in the gameplay.
  • Casino games without registration: These are free casino games that you play as a demo version. So there is no need to create an account either. Read more about online casinos without registration here.

We will now go into some more detail about the individual games that are featured at online casinos. Every single one of the games in this online casino games guide offers players a real chance to win money.

slot game

Online slots

Slots are number one at online casinos, attracting more players than any other type of game. They are easy to play, and come in a huge variety of themes and concepts.

Players spin the reels – most modern slots have five reels – to make combinations that can result in a payout. Online slots have incredible graphics and sound effects, and many have special features like bonus rounds and in-game free spins.

roulette games

Online Roulette

Possibly the most iconic of all casino games, roulette has the famous counter-spinning wheel and ball. Two main versions of this pure chance game exist – American and European.

In this case, players might be advised to choose European, as the house edge is significantly lower. This is down to the fact that a European wheel has just one zero pocket, while the American has an extra double zero pocket.

blackjack game

Blackjack Online

This card game can be played with a single or multiple decks, and combines luck with a certain amount of strategy. With one of the lowest house edges of any casino game, it is certainly worth trying out.

The aim of the game is to beat the dealer by getting a better hand. Get closer to 21 without going bust and the round is yours.

poker game


Poker is the king of card games, and it differs from all other casino games in one crucial way. Poker requires skill just as much as luck, and with some time and effort it is more than possible to make some serious money.

Many different versions are available, all with slightly different rules. The virtual and live casino versions have been modified to be played online. Texas Hold’em is the most widely-played variant online and offline.


Another very recognizable casino game, craps is played by wagering on the outcome of rolling a pair of dice. A craps table in a land casino is often a raucous affair, with players and bystanders shouting encouragement as the dice are thrown down the table.

Many casinos offer virtual craps, and it is also popular as an online live casino game.


Baccarat is traditionally known as a high roller game, but bringing it online has opened it up for gamblers who play for lower stakes. The game involves playing against the banker, and whoever has cards of the highest value wins. The combinations can take some time to learn, but it is a fun and fast-paced game of chance. Online is a very good place to practice.

Live casino

The biggest innovation to hit online casinos since they started out, live casino has taken off in a huge way. Some very sophisticated technology allows players to interact directly with games run by real live dealers and play almost exactly as they would at a land casino.

The games are streamed direct to your device from special studios packed with state-of-the-art equipment that permits seamless gameplay in an immersive environment.

bingo game


Bingo was once the preserve of senior citizens, but it has undergone a total renaissance since going online. It is now a billion-dollar industry with many devoted fans. The principal remains the same – mark off numbers on your grid to win – but online there are also chat functions and side games to add to the enjoyment.


Lotto games have the biggest rewards of any game of chance, although of course they are also the ones with the smallest chances of winning. Even so, the amounts that can be won are life-changing and require only small stakes. The most common form of gambling worldwide, lotto games can now be easily accessed online.

Slot games have the widest choice of any casino games category, and with so much on offer it may be hard to find the right one. One important tip is to look beyond the theme and graphics and consider the RTP. This mans the return to player rate, and indicates how much the slot pays out over time. Seek out games with a high RTP, and your chances of winning are increased.

Some of the most popular online slots with a high RTP are:


A favorite slot for more than a decade, Starburst from NetEnt has a minimum RTP of 96%. Players love this colorful, high-energy slot both for its looks and its gameplay. It has plenty of special features to keep you engaged, and it is often the first slot that new players encounter when using a free spins casino welcome bonus.

Mega Joker Jackpot

Another great slot by NetEnt, with an unbelievably high RTP of around 99% when played in Supermeter Mode. This is a classic-style slot that is similar to the older physical games in format and style, with familiar symbols of fruit and a 3×3 grid of rows and reels.

Thunderstruck II

Microgaming returned after the success of their Norse mythology-inspired Thunderstruck with this 96.65% RTP five reel slot. This is one of their patented 243 ways to win slot games, with plenty of special features and free spins up for grabs.

Goblin’s Cave

This is a Playtech slot with a variable RTP depending on how many coins the player bets. On max, this can be more than 99% but reduces to just under 96% with less. This is another old-school style slot with just three reels, and it also has a hold feature allowing the player to freeze a symbol in place when they spin.

How to find the perfect casino game

There are many aspects to choosing the right type of casino game for you. Do you like pure probability games, or would you prefer to try your hand at something more skilled? Are you more interested in slots or maybe card games are more to your liking? The online casino games guide is here to help you find what you are looking for. Whatever game you decide on, pay attention to the RTP or house edge and choose one that is more favorable for the player. In order to claim find perfect casino game for you, simply follow these steps:
  • Time Needed: 00:04
  • Tools Required: Pc, Mobile device, Bank account
  • Supplies Needed: Time, Real Money, Internet Connection
How to find the perfect casino game step 1
How to select a casino website
We have an extensive list of accredited online casinos to use as a starting point for finding your perfect site. Every casino on our toplist has been thoroughly inspected by the gamblers-united experts, and is guaranteed to be completely safe, fun and fair.
Step 1
Determine your bankroll
One principal factor when choosing a casino game is how much you intend to spend. Those with a smaller bankroll – say between $10 and $50 – are advised to choose a slot game. Live casino games and virtual table games are more rewarding if you have a bankroll of at least $100.
Step 2
How to find the perfect casino game step 3
Find a game with a high return to player
Slots are great for casino newbies, as they are simple to play and many of them have an impressively high RTP. Another aspect of slot payout that you may see mentioned is volatility. High volatility slots pay out larger amounts but less frequently. In order to play for longer, low or medium volatility is better as they give smaller, more regular wins.
Step 3
How to find the perfect casino game step 4
Enjoy the game & play responsibly
Remember that gambling online is all about fun and entertainment, and not about making money. Keep track of your gambling budget, and do not ever spend more than you can comfortably afford to lose. If you feel that you are gambling too much, or if it is no longer fun, then use the responsible gambling resources available to seek help.
Step 4

Best Game Providers

No casino games guide would be complete without saying something about those who are responsible for developing these games. There are scores of studios big and small in the business of creating software for iGaming. Here are some of the global leaders in the industry:


One of the longest-established companies in the business, Microgaming have been developing casino games for more than a quarter of a century. Their software is so well-loved that many casinos support only their games. They are the originators of the legendary Mega Moolah progressive slot games.


NetEnt are known for their quirky graphic styles and their inventive and eclectic portfolio. The company have been around since the early days of online casinos and have become a byword for game quality. Top slots Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest are from the NetEnt stable


For over twenty years, Playtech have been providing bingo, poker, sports betting, and many other types of casino game software to the iGaming industry. The company counts most of the biggest global casino brands among their customers. Among their slots are an extensive series based on the DC Comics universe.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming are both the pioneers and the leading global developers of live casino streaming technology. The platform was created in 2006 with the goal of creating a whole new way to play online casino games. Now in 2021 there are many more live casino studios, but Evolution Gaming remain the original and arguably the best.


IGT have been making games for land casinos for almost fifty years. The company founder is credited with the invention of video poker, and they are the world’s largest manufacturer of physical slot machines. The company has undergone many changes in its long history, most recently having been acquired by Gtech in 2015.

Overview of Casino Game Category List

In this part of our online casino games guide we will look a bit more closely at the different types of casino games and the different ways to categorize them. The type of casino game that you choose to play will depend very much on personal preference, and every game has its own special appeal.

For games with the highest return-to-player – AKA the lowest house edge – then it is advisable to stick to a game like blackjack. Poker is probably the one game that offers a very real opportunity to win more than you lose, but in order to achieve this it is necessary to learn to play the game very well.

Each online casino may have a slightly different way of ordering their gaming categories. Here are some of the sections that you may see when you find online casino games play for real money, and what you can expect to find in each.

Table games

The table games category encompasses chance games like baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and craps. These are the kind of games that are played against the casino, and they usually have a dealer or croupier running the table. Many games from this category can also fit into another, as we shall see below.

Card games

Any game that is played with one or more decks of standard 52-piece playing cards is a casino card game. The most famous examples are poker and blackjack, but it also includes baccarat and pai gow poker.

Dice games

Games where the gameplay is dependent on the roll of one or several six-sided dice is a dice game. In a casino, the dice games category can start and finish with craps. These days many casinos also include games like sic bo in their repertoire, a three-dice game that is popular in many Asian countries.

Probability games

A prime example of a probability game is roulette, which has itself become a byword for luck and chance. These games are based entirely on chance and do not involve any skill from the player. The only way to control anything in a probability game is by deciding what kinds of bets to make.

Mobile casino games

Quite simply, these are casino games that can be played on a mobile or cell device. In 2021 almost all games have been optimized for mobile play and can be accessed through the mobile site. Casino apps are still available in some cases, but for the most part mobile games are via instant play.

Android casino games

The majority of mobile users worldwide are Android customers, so it makes sense that casino game providers have ensured that their games are accessible on Android devices.

No deposit casino games

Games at a no deposit casino can be one of two things. Some casinos have a free play mode for all their games, so anyone with an account can have some fun without depositing any money. In this case, no money can be won either. Some casinos offer a small no deposit bonus for new players, and these are online casino games play for real money – without using any of your own.

Is it Possible to Beat the Casino?

In a word, no. There is no secret way to get the better of the casino, and in the long run the old adage that the house always wins is true. Strategies may help, but the house always has its edge. Having said that, there is always a chance to win when playing a casino game.

Remember: Always Make Sure to Play at Casinos with License

Whichever games you prefer, a fun experience always starts with the right casino. It is vital that you play only at licensed and regulated sites. These operators follow the laws on gambling and can prove that their games are fair.

Want to Play Casino Games and Slots for Free?

It is easy to play casino games for free. You may want some fun without spending any money, or perhaps you want to try out an unfamiliar game before committing any of your cash. Whatever the reason, with the casino listings at gamblers-united it is easy to find a site offering their games in free mode. Just remember that you have no chance to win anything this way.

Frequently Asked Questions

💬 What is the best real money game to play at the casino to win money?

Search for any game that has a high RTP/low house edge. This includes slots such as Goblin’s Cave by Playtech.

💬 Can a casino game be rigged?

No. Online casino games from licensed casino sites are completely fair and random. Remember that they are designed so that the house wins in the long term.

💬 How do online casino games work?

Online casino games are either digital versions of games found at land casinos, or interactive live streamed games from a studio. All you need is a casino account with a reputable operator.

💬 Where do I find the best jackpot games?

You can start right here at gamblers-united. Look through our list of licensed providers and you will find many with a good range of jackpot games.

💬 If I have a gambling addiction – where can I get help?

Look for the section about responsible gambling at any good casino website. There you will find resources to help you if you feel like your gambling is getting out of control.