High Roller Bonuses 🥇

If you are the kind of player that likes to bet big, making large deposits and routinely playing the max bet in your favourite casino games, you may be considered a high roller by most online casinos.

Boasting some of the largest and most beneficial bonuses in the online casino world, VIP programs and high roller bonuses come in many forms and are intended to keep the biggest players completely satisfied with their gaming experience.

For those VIP players looking for the best high roller bonus program online, the gamblers-united have put together this helpful guide to help you in your quest.

Best High Roller Bonus Casinos 2022

Definition: what is high roller bonus?

An online casino high roller bonus is an elite kind of promotion that is only offered to a select group of top players.

Players that are classified as a high roller at an online casino will be invited to join a VIP program. This exclusive program offers a variety of special rewards that are tailored to a player’s preferences.

Much like other loyalty schemes, VIP programs offer you unique rewards for your continued deposits and high level play. These rewards may come in the form of special bonuses, free spins, free match bets, personalized gifts and plenty more!

The more points you gather the higher, the higher your VIP status; the higher your VIP status, the greater the rewards you receive!

Advantages of becoming a high roller

If you are the kind of player that feels comfortable depositing and playing through large sums of money, then joining a VIP program will definitely bring you plenty of advantages.

High rollers are known to receive the best possible red carpet treatment that a casino can possibly offer. Trying to accommodate their every need, online casinos will make sure to provide VIP players with the highest levels of personalized attention and fantastic rewards that are not available to most players.

However, since most VIP programs provide you increasingly large rewards the more you deposit, its important that players don’t overextend themselves in search for a higher VIP tier level.

senpai high roller advice

“While high rollers are known for betting big amounts of money at a time, it is important to note that no one should ever bet more than they can afford to lose. Gambling should solely be seen as a form of entertainment. The budget you assign to your gambling account should always be an amount you are willing to lose completely without it affecting your livelihood.”

– Gamblers United


  • Exclusive bonuses & promotions
  • High withdrawal amounts
  • Higher deposit limits
  • Personal VIP Manager
  • Gifts and weekly rewards
  • Invitation to events


  • Higher risk of gambling problems
  • Higher levels may be harder to reach based on points needed
  • Incentives may have high playthrough requirements

How to join a High Roller Bonus program

Joining a High Roller program is different in just about every online casino. Most operators will automatically enroll you to the lowest tier of their VIP program when you sign up, and you will climb up the different tiers of their program the more points you earn for your play. Other casinos may contact you if they deem you to qualify for their high roller status, while others may require you to opt-in by contacting customer support. However, since not every casino offers a VIP program – and some casinos definitely offer better VIP support than others, choosing the right casino for your high roller gaming may require plenty of research to ensure you get the high roller experience you deserve. But if you’re reading this, you’re in luck. The gamblers-united has done the hard part for you!
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  • Tools Required: Pc, Mobile Device, Bank Account
  • Supplies Needed: Time, Real Money, Internet Connection
join a High Roller Bonus program step 1
Use our toplist to find High Roller casinos
In order to assist you in your search for the top high roller bonus programs, we’ve put together our comprehensive list of the top VIP casinos online. These casinos have proven to not only be some of the most trusted and entertaining gambling operations online, but also offer what we consider to be some of the most beneficial VIP programs for high rollers.
Step 1
join a High Roller Bonus program step 2
Create an account
Create a new account by filling out the registration form with your personal details (if required). After verifying your email address, you’ll be ready to make a deposit and get started. If you already have an account with the casino you wish to play with, simply login and pick the deposit method of your choice. Once your deposit is completed, you are ready to start playing your favourite real money games!
Step 2
join a High Roller Bonus program step 3
Join the VIP program
Once you have created your account and made your first deposit, you should verify if you have been automatically enrolled into your chosen casino’s VIP program. If you are unsure if that is the case, contact customer support for more information. If you are certain your deposits and play would qualify for the VIP program, you can ask directly for a VIP manager to handle your account.
Step 3
Request an invitation to the VIP Live Casino Tables
If you are looking to play at the VIP Live Casino Tables – live casino tables with much higher limits than regular tables – you will also want to contact the VIP manager to receive an invitation.
Step 4
high roller bonuses

How do high roller bonuses work exactly?

VIP programs are intended to provide additional perks to the casino’s largest players. While each casino will offer their own unique VIP program conditions, most of them operate under a similar principle.

The more funds you deposit and the more you play, the more VIP points you will collect. When you collect a certain number of points you will rise to the next tier in the VIP program, allowing you access to increasingly attractive promotions and perks.

Ultimately, when you reach the top level of the VIP program, you will be considered a High Roller and have access to the casino’s most exclusive services, promotions and gifts.

High Roller Programs

The ultimate level of any VIP program, High Roller status will grant you the absolute best, first-rate gaming experience.

Providing you with a completely personalized service customized to your needs, a high roller program will ensure you get immediate and top level support whenever you need it, as well as access to a great variety of exclusive perks that are not available to your regular player.

Access to VIP high limit tables, gifts and weekly rewards, higher withdrawal limits and the most attractive and exclusive high roller bonus offers are just some of the things you can expect as a high roller. You will also be assigned a VIP manager to your account, who will aim to ensure your casino experience is always to your satisfaction.

VIP Managers

One of the best perks of being a high roller is having access to your very own VIP manager. Assigned to help you with just about anything you can think of, your VIP manager will be your main point of contact with the casino, giving you an unparalleled personalized attention.

Your VIP manager is there to ensure your gaming experience is absolutely flawless. He/she will make sure you receive help with any disputes you may have, grant you access to VIP tables, and award you with exclusive gifts and bonuses.

High withdrawals

While most casinos will limit the amount regular players can withdraw from the casino on any given month, VIPs are usually given the ability to withdraw significantly higher sums.

Not only will they be able to request larger amounts per casino payout, but they will also have larger limits as to how much can be withdrawn per month.

Types of High Roller bonuses found at online casinos

Just about every casino offers different reward schemes for their VIP players. While the bonus percentages and conditions may vary, here are some of the most common VIP rewards you will find:

Reload Bonus – While most regular players will have access to receiving reload bonuses, few of them will be able to access the type of percentages offered to VIP Players. Expect a pretty large high roller bonus or free spin amount whenever you reload with this option.

Kickback – Usually given in the form of bonus chips, a kickback reward is awarded to a player based on the size of his deposit. These chips can then be used in the (live dealer) games of your choice.

Cashback – Perhaps VIP players’ most popular online casino high roller bonus, cashback casino rewards are usually cash credits given to players, based on a percentage of their losses. Rather than receiving match play bonuses when you deposit, a cashback reward will be credited after you have played through your funds, returning part of your losses.

Tournaments and Leaderboards – Yet another perk of VIP programs, exclusive tournaments are often offered for VIP players where they can access additional high value rewards if they place in the top spots of the leaderboard.

Goodwill – While they are an unwritten type of bonus, VIP clients may sometimes request a “Goodwill” bonus from the VIP manager. Depending on your account history and relationship with the casino, you may just receive high roller no deposit bonuses every now and then when you’ve run out of funds.


If you’re the type of player who likes to play big, you should definitely choose a casino that is willing to accommodate you and reward you for your action.

Receiving personalized service, higher deposit and withdrawal limits, access to VIP tables, and the best high roller bonus scheme are just some of the perks you should expect from your casino of choice.

Whether you are looking for the highest reload bonuses for your deposits, cashback rewards, exclusive tournaments and gifts, or the occasional high roller no deposit bonus codes, make sure you choose a casino that will give you the kind of elite attention your money deserves.

Frequently Asked Questions

💬 What is a high roller program?

Aimed at online casino players that frequently deposit and play high amounts of money, high roller programs are an exclusive benefit that provides these VIP players with preferential treatment.

Including direct and personalized service, higher game limits, the ability to make large deposits and withdrawals, and plenty of exclusive bonuses and rewards, high roller programs ensure VIPs receive the red carpet treatment.

💬 How do I join an online casino High roller program?

While every casino has their own requirements to join their high roller program, a large amount of them will automatically enroll you to the lowest tier of their VIP program when you make your first deposit.

If you believe you should qualify for a VIP program but have not been enrolled, contact customer support for further information.

💬 How much do I need to spend to be qualified?

The amount required to be considered a high roller also varies from casino to casino. Most casinos offer multi-tiered VIP programs, where you will climb up various tiers the more points you earn for your play.

💬 How can I get touch with a VIP Manager?

If you are looking to contact a VIP Manager, the best way is to contact customer service and ask to be transferred directly with one.

Once you have been accepted into the high roller program, your personal VIP manager will likely provide you contact information to reach him/her directly for any requests going forward.