Casino Welcome Bonus on Sign-Up

If you are currently searching for best online casino welcome bonus, your friends at Gamblers United have created this guide to help you choose the perfect bonus for you.

Playing at an online casino offers players plenty of advantages over their land based counterparts, such as convenience, accessibility, and a huge game variety. However, there are few perks as universally beloved by online gamblers as the casino welcome bonus.

Providing you additional funds or free spins – or sometimes combinations of the two – when you make your first deposit with, casino sign up offers give you plenty more bang for your buck.

Best Casino Welcome Bonus Offers

What is a welcome bonus?

If you’ve ever considered gambling online, you’ll have probably seen dozens of advertisements offering all sorts of casino sign up promotions. But what exactly is an online casino welcome bonus?

Also known as a casino signup bonus, additional credit is given to you by a casino upon making your first deposit. Usually a predefined percentage of your initial deposit, this type of casino bonus awards you additional funds or free spins that you can then use to play casino games and keep any winnings made with them.

Offered by casinos in order to attract players to try out their services, casino welcome bonuses are often the largest and best bonuses you will ever receive, making it all the more important to find the right promotion for you when you are choosing a new casino to play at.

While you may initially be tempted to simply choose to deposit at whichever casino offers you the largest signup bonus, there are many important things to consider besides the bonus amount to ensure you truly get the best value.

There are few things people like more than receiving the most amount of value for their money, and luckily for them good online casinos are very ready to give it to them!

With competition between online casinos being incredibly fierce these days, casinos are constantly looking to one up each other in what they can offer new players in order to win over their business.

This, of course, is a fantastic situation for players, who get to feel likwageringe the prettiest girl at the dance as dozens of casinos try to court them with bonus amounts that seem too good to be true – and yet aren’t!

As you would expect, these fantastic sign up bonuses have become incredibly popular with players, as they give them the chance to test out a casino’s games and services for longer with much lower risk, getting the most out of their gaming experience.

Considerations for choosing a casino welcome bonus

With so many different online casino sign up offers to choose from, it’s not always easy to find the right casino welcome bonus for your particular needs.

When deciding which casino signup bonus you should ultimately claim, make sure to consider the following before making your choice:

  • Go for bonuses that have the lowest possible wagering requirements
  • Try to find tiered sign-up bonuses if you plan to make multiple deposits
  • Find a bonus that you can use on various games
  • If you like slots, then look for bonuses that offer additional free spins
  • Choose bonuses with a high value and a low deposit requirement

Pros and Cons

Now that you have a better idea of what a casino welcome bonus is and what you should look for when choosing the right one for you, let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of receiving casino bonuses.

While at first glance claiming a casino signup bonus may seem like a no brainer, there are many important considerations you’ll want to take into account before you request one.

Welcome bonuses definitely provide players with plenty of added value for their money, allowing them to play longer and giving them further chances to come out ahead. However, they usually come with certain rules and restrictions attached.

Some bonus rules may limit your ability to withdraw your winnings at any given time – until you have completed any established wagering requirements. Some welcome bonuses also come with certain limitations that may restrict you in the way you would like to make use of them.


  • You increase the value of your deposit when creating a new account
  • They decrease the risk of exploring new casinos
  • Players potentially enjoy risk-free winnings
  • They help with discovering new casino games


  • Wagering requirements
  • Time limits
  • Betting limits
  • Win limits

How to find the best casino welcome bonus

This guide explains how to obtain the best casino welcome bonus for new players looking to sign up to an online casino. With dozens – if not hundreds – of online casinos offering all sorts of juicy promotions, finding the right welcome bonus for you at a reputable casino that offers you outstanding service and a top notch gaming experience is not as easy a task as it would seem.
  • Time Needed: 00:04
  • Tools Required: Pc, Mobile Device, Bank Account
  • Supplies Needed: Time, Real Money, Internet connection
find the best casino welcome bonus step 1
Use the toplist to find min. deposit welcome bonuses.
Gamblers United has compiled a list of online casino welcome bonuses, to help you with your search. Every casino listed has proven to be an outstanding and secure operation– as well as offering some fantastic signup promotions! Please take note of the minimum deposit required to claim the welcome promotions listed, as well as reading the bonus rules to make sure your deposit method qualifies for the bonus. It is also very important that you verify that you have never had an account with the casino you have chosen, as any new accounts deemed duplicates will likely not apply for the casino signup bonus.
Step 1
find the best casino welcome bonus step 2
Create an account with the casino.
Create a new account by clicking on the “Play Now” button on your desired casino, and fill out the registration form with your personal details (if required). It is important to use your real contact information when signing up, as failure to do so will most likely prevent you from being able to withdraw funds. After verifying your email address, you’ll be ready to make a deposit and get started.
Step 2
find the best casino welcome bonus step 3
Deposit and use the bonus code.
Make a deposit for a qualifying amount. Some casinos will ask you to enter a bonus code when depositing in order to receive the welcome bonus, while others will just award you automatically. We always recommend reading the terms and conditions of any promotion before applying for it, to ensure you are aware of any wagering requirements or restrictions your bonus may have.
Step 3
find the best casino welcome bonus step 4
Verify if the bonus amount has been credited.
Make sure that the welcome bonus has been added to your account before you start playing. If you believe you haven’t received your bonus, contact a customer support agent for confirmation before you start spinning the reels. Remember that some bonuses may be intended for specific games, and will not show up if you are playing a game it’s not intended for.
Step 4
casino welcome bonuses

Types of Online Casino welcome bonuses

When looking for the best casino welcome bonus, you will quickly realize that casinos offer a great variety of different types of signup promotions.

Each of the promotions below has their own qualities and conditions, and it’s certainly worth the time to become familiar with all of them before making your choice.

First deposit match welcome bonus

The casino will match the initial deposit with a match rate that varies depending on the offer. Typically, they range from 100% to 500%. A 100% match rate means that if you deposit 100 you will receive an additional 100 on top. This type of bonus often comes with additional free spins.

Tiered deposit match welcome bonus

Rather than providing a single reward for a player’s first deposit, some casinos offer tiered welcome bonuses.

For this type of bonus, the operator will match a series of initial deposits tied to a new member account. For example: 1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th Deposit – Match Bonus up to 400. This type of bonus often comes with additional free spins.

Device specific sign up bonus

Mobile device bonuses are bonuses geared towards players who prefer gaming on their tablet or phone.

With more and more players choosing mobile devices for their casino gaming, casinos have taken to offer device-specific promotions to attract mobile players.

You can claim a mobile casino welcome bonus for making your first deposit while playing on your iPhone, Android and windows phone or tablet.

Game specific sign up bonus

An offer designed to encourage players to try new games with their first deposit. Game specific bonuses are most often for slot games – however they are not uncommon for table or live dealer casino games either.

Important to understand the terms and conditions

While some casino sign up offers you will find will seem extraordinarily attractive at first sight, it’s always important to look deeper into the bonus details to make sure it will actually fit your needs.

Before you choose your welcome bonus, it is advisable that you always make sure to fully read its Terms and Conditions, as that is the only way you can know exactly what to expect from this offer.

There are many important aspects of the T&Cs you’ll want to pay close attention to before proceeding. In the next section we will go over them and explain what you should look for.

If you do not agree with the terms listed, you will probably want to choose a different welcome offer – at the same casino or another one, or forego receiving a welcome bonus altogether.

If you decide you do not want to receive a bonus and yet see one has been credited to your account upon making your deposit, make sure not to make use of the bonus funds and contact customer support right away.

Wagering requirements

Also known as playthrough requirements or rollover, wagering requirements oblige you to place bets on casino games until you fulfill the full rollover amount established by the bonus rules.

Before you have completed the rollover, you will not be allowed to withdraw any winnings derived from the bonus amount. Wagering requirements usually range from 10x to 70x depending on the offer.

Play through requirements calculation: $40 bonus at 35X playthrough

$40 with a 35x playthrough requirement, Bonus $20 X rate 35x = Wager $700

Instead of restricting the games where you can use your bonus, some casinos will instead give certain games different rollover contribution percentages.

In short, playing certain casino games will contribute a smaller percentage towards the wagering requirements than others.

Games such as blackjack and roulette often contribute less towards wagering requirements than more volatile games, such as video slots.

Game specific bonuses

While some casino welcome bonuses can be used in just about any casino game, others are geared exclusively towards particular games. Game specific bonuses may only be available to be played in one particular game (ex. Blackjack) or game type (ex. Video slots), or it may even allow you to play it in all games except for a chosen few.

Regardless of the conditions, each casino welcome bonus will stipulate any game specific restrictions clearly with the bonus information, as well as on the bonus terms and conditions.

Betting limits

Some welcome bonuses will limit the maximum or minimum bet amount you can make using your bonus funds.

For example, a bonus may set a maximum bet on a video slot of €10 per spin and 50c per line, or a maximum bet of 30% your bonus amount on a single bet.

Failure to follow betting limits may result in forfeiting any winnings.

Having to use a bonus code

While most casinos will award you with a welcome bonus for any qualifying initial deposit, others will require you to enter a bonus code when making your deposit in order to award you the bonus.

Requiring a bonus code ensure that only people interested in receiving the promotions will do so, and those that prefer to do without don’t have to contact customer support to get the bonus removed.

Any promotion that requires a bonus code will be clearly labeled as such.

Time limits

Another condition you may find in some welcome bonuses, time limits will require you to request or use your bonus within a certain period of time.

Some casinos that don’t automatically award you with a welcome bonus when you make your initial deposit will require you to claim your bonus within 7 days of your sign up date.

Likewise, others welcome promotions may require you to use your bonus within an established amount of time, or risk the bonus expiring before you can use it.

Any bonus with time constrictions must mention them in the bonus terms and conditions.

Cash balance and Bonus balance

When you receive a welcome match bonus, you will usually find that you have two separate balances in your account: Your Cash balance and your Bonus balance.

Any winnings you earn using your bonus balance will be subject to the wagering restrictions stipulated in the promotion, and must be rolled over fully before they can be withdrawn.

Meanwhile, any winnings resulting from your cash balance will go back to your cash account and may be withdrawn at any given time.

Withdrawal limits

In addition to the need to fulfill the wagering requirements before you can withdraw your bonus winnings, some signup bonuses also impose limits on how much of your winnings can actually be withdrawn from your bonus winnings in the end.

If your chosen welcome promotion contains withdrawal limits, it may only let you withdraw a maximum value of X times your deposit amount. Any bonus winnings that exceed the withdrawal limit will be forfeited.


Unlike brick and mortar casinos, online casinos are ready to shower you with fantastic welcome offers and promotions in order to win over your business. With operational costs being much lower online than in physical casinos – and competition between internet casinos being a lot fiercer – online casino players routinely benefit from receiving spectacular welcome bonuses for their first deposits.

While most people initially think that the best casino welcome offers are those that give you the highest bonus amount, you will quickly realize that the bonus amount is only one of many factors you’ll want to keep in mind when deciding.

Getting a bonus with fair wagering requirements, little or no time or withdrawal limits, and that can be used in your games of choice, can probably be just as important as the match rate percentage.

Our welcome bonus top list will help you find reputable and safe operators that offer fantastic welcome promotions to their new players. Use it to find the casino that offers you the best casino gaming experience, as well as a welcome bonus that fits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you withdraw the welcome bonus balance?

Yes. However, most casino signup bonuses carry wagering requirements that must be met before you can request a withdrawal for any bonus winnings.

Requiring you to play through your bonus money a certain number of times established in the bonus rules, until these conditions are met you will only be able to withdraw winnings from your cash balance.

Can you win real money with a welcome bonus?

Yes, you can. The possibility of winning real money with your casino welcome bonus is what makes receiving one so attractive.

While you will have to complete any stipulated wagering requirements on any winnings derived from the bonus, once these are complete you are free to withdraw them anytime!

Do I need to use a bonus code?

Whether a bonus code is required to request a bonus or not will vary from operator to operator. If a bonus code is required, we make sure to add it to our list to ensure you are aware.

Is it worth it to use a welcome bonus?

For most players, the answer is a resounding yes. A welcome bonus gives you plenty more budget to play with – not to mention more chances of winning.

However, if you are the kind of player that does not want to have wagering restrictions or follow bonus rules, you may want to opt out and simply play with your own cash.