The power of priority information

The feedback that I received until now makes me give up Slideshare and presentations altogether and continue the sports betting guide through articles. This is therefore the forth lesson of the guide. If you haven’t read the previous ones, check them out here:

Most of the people still haven’t chosen a way to make a profit through sports betting, even though, for example, lesson 2 demonstrated a method for achieving small profits. If they didn’t like that, maybe this short lesson will be their “Eureka!” moment. But you won’t just have to read it! Knowing the information inside is a small percent of the battle. Consider this lesson an intro to a larger chapter that will be written by you. After you finish reading these paragraphs, if you want to use this method, stop and think. I’ll tell you what to do and you’ll have to find a way to actually do it.

Since the telegraph, people have used abusively faster methods of communication in order to take money off those using the standard channels. It happens now more than ever with insider trading and trading bots. You must be crazy to venture into the world of derivatives without solid knowledge and a proved advantage (unless you do it for fun, which is actually an acceptable reason). The same applies for example to live betting at horse races.

Now, at Asian handicap betting, you can be a successful gambler without access to lesser known information. But maybe that’s not how you want to do it. Maybe you’ll want to be among those that use the power of priority information. I call it “priority information”, even though other terms might better suited; English is not my main language. The explanation: it’s information that, in the case of betting, you can find out and use before other people. I told you that I’m only going to give/remind you of the idea and you’ll have to do the rest. If this will be your objective and you’re smart enough, it’s doable. I’m a good guy, therefore I’ll put you in the necessary mindset as well; here’s how an operation handling priority information looks like for sports betting:

  • If you´re betting at live events, make sure you´re actually present at those events and you have a mobile low ping connection to the server that handles the live bets and a script that only requires the input of one gesture in order to choose and place whatever wager;
  • Crawling scripts are quite in use; if you’re betting for example only on football from the German first and second divisions, a script could crawl official sources of information every 30 seconds in order to display you with the latest news articles from the official website of Bayern Munich, Bayer Leverkusen, Hamburger SV and the rest of the teams. It could also crawl active social media accounts of the players, coaches, sports journalists, etc. You’d be reading the snippets of information first and if, let’s say, you’d find out of an unexpected injury, you could be the first to correct the odds. I’ve known personally of some people that even used article drafts in order to gain an edge (these were unpublished yet; the priority information was extracted and used before the article was fully redacted);
  • Social interaction (comprehensive subject, it could be talked about in a few pages);
  • Social engineering (again, extremely comprehensive);
  • Journalist work;
  • Detective work (at this point I’m just throwing around keywords so you can start thinking in one of the right directions).

Obviously half of what I could talk about when it comes to priority information is illegal but it’s best to be aware of all methods in order to understand your competition. I’m not saying you have to do illegal stuff, I’m just saying others are doing it therefore you must know what you’re up against. Do odds on Borussia Dortmund suddenly drop without any discernable reason? There is a reason. Next time, try to be among the few knowing it and not the chump that says: “Ah wow! Borussia Dortmund is not such a favorite here; people don’t see… THE VALUE!”

Think out of the box, find a method and use it. If you don’t mind sharing, come with other ideas about how could priority information be extracted in the comment section. I know ideas are highly regarded, especially by the ones having them, but actually they are extremely overrated. Hard work is the hard part, where you take an idea and you have to validate it, then maybe fully implement it.

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