Casino Psychology & Tricks

The excitement of the casino games is apparently not enough to make players stay and continue gambling. Casinos around the world apply tricks to ensure this. From the layouts to their design, the tricks casinos use to get you to spend money are actually very sophisticated. Would you like to find out more about the casino psychology tricks? You have come to the right place.

Tricks casinos use to make you spend more

When we enter a casino, we notice the buzz in the air, the engaging noises of the slot machines and so much more, but never the actual casino psychology tricks.

There is a good reason for it: These are subconscious. You won’t notice them on a conscious level, unless you pay attention to them. And in order to do so, you first need to know what the tricks casinos use are.

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How they make you loose track of time

The casino design does its best to make you forget what time it is. There are no clocks, no windows. You are only subjected to the lights coming from the casino itself. But why would they want to do this?

The answer is simple: When lose track of time, you do not know how long you have already been in the casino. Our sense of time is a fundamental psychological aspect that regulates many mental and bodily functions.

There is a good reason why dark chambers are being used as a method of torture. Of course, this is not the aim of a casino. They simply want to make it hard for you to stick to your time and budget limit. This in turn means that you will end up spending more.

Casino Layouts guide you to the least lucrative games

Terms like house edge and return to player are well known amongst seasoned gamblers. Nonetheless, casinos do find a way to trick you into playing games that are more beneficial to the owners of the casino rather than you.

Casino layouts guide you to these games on purpose. If you want to go to the bathroom, for example, you most likely will have to pass by slot machines. Trust me when I say that once “the business” is done, you will be tempted to try one of these shiny and thrilling objects. You will even want to do so, although you know that slots are amongst the least profitable for players.

How they keep you engaged

Once you enter the fantastic world of a casino, there will be plenty of things to make you want to come back. Free drinks, loyalty schemes and special offers for returning customers sound too good to pass on.

Of course, the games themselves are designed in such a way, that you will crave the excitement they bring. A returning customer is a good customer for casinos.

The more you play, the likelier it will get that you lose more than you win. This is why they want to keep you engaged not just once, but again and again.

Too good to pass up

The casino psychology is that everyone can be turned into a player. Shows, dining experiences and hotels are all part of casinos aiming at non-players.

Once these guests have arrived, the casino design and layout will do the rest to convince them into giving gambling a try.

We all know that as soon as you are hooked, you will no longer be able to resist doing it again.

Casinos are so convinced that these strategies generate huge amounts of profits, that they are willing to spend a lot on experts to apply casino psychology tricks that work. $1.6 billion is the sum that the Bellagio spent to integrate every trick casinos use.

It paid off, with the Bellagio becoming the most profitable casino in the whole of Las Vegas. But don’t worry, myths such as additional oxygen being pumped through casinos’ air conditioning units are just that: myths. Too much pure oxygen would create a fire hazard, no casino owner is crazy enough to allow to exist.

The Psychology of online gambling

How does this translate to online casinos? Obviously, they won’t be able to offer you free magic tricks, a Siegfried and Roy show or guide you passed slot machines while on the way to your bathroom.

However, many of the trick’s casinos use can also be found in popular online casinos. The less lucrative games tend to be advertised and positioned in such ways that you are tempted to try them.

Loyalty schemes such as VIP clubs and loyalty programmes also exist in most online gambling sites, making you come back.

Moreover, there are bonus offers not only for existing but also new customers. The latter aim to project a “no risk” theme, where you try out the casino and leave should you not be happy with what it has to offer.

However, chances are high that you will stay with the operator after having gone through with the registration process.

One psychology trick the virtual sphere cannot apply as easily as local gambling establishments is to make you lose track of time. Due to licensors having strict regulations regarding gambling addiction measurements, more and more gambling sites introduce limits.

Depending on the authority behind the operator, these can be optional or mandatory features. From a player’s point of view this is actually a benefit online casinos have over bricks and mortar casinos.

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