What are Slot Clubs?

We are so used to loyalty programs in most areas of our lives. Whether it is travel rewards from Air Miles or the all-rounder More Rewards, everybody loves to make a saving while being rewarded for our loyalty. So why not join one or more Slot Clubs as well?

What are the benefits of slot clubs?

The specific benefits you can get from slot clubs, of course, varies from club to club. However, should you be thinking that they are only related to slot machines, you could not be more wrong.

Slot clubs reward their members with a variety of benefits, from room discounts to cashbacks, buffet coupons to VIP events. When you love playing slot machines, video poker for real money, or participate in slot tournaments, a slot club is only the next natural step to take. 

Get rewarded for your loyalty and reap the rewards for your hard labor at the one-armed bandit.

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Las Vegas slot clubs

Now that you know more about what you can expect from slot clubs in terms of their benefits, we should discuss where they are being offered. As the name Las Vegas slot clubs already suggests, these loyalty schemes are only available in brick and mortar casinos based in Las Vegas.

Pure slot clubs are hard to find in online casinos, where VIP clubs and loyalty programs tend to cover other games as well. This should not keep you from joining them, just make sure that the rewards you get take your slot stakes into account and that they cover the benefits you enjoy most.

List of Slot clubs

The list of Las Vegas slot clubs is vast; therefore, I would like to only provide you with a few examples of Nevada casinos offering these programs as well as slot tournaments. Please note that the Tropicana club is probably amongst the most comprehensive. Should you prefer any other casino not mentioned on this list, make sure to check out whether they have a slot club – chances are high that they do!

  • Gold Spike Hotel & Casino
  • Lucky Club Casino & Hotel
  • Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino
  • Tropicana

Can I sign up online to slot clubs?

As already mentioned, online casinos usually do not offer slot clubs as such. Here you can find a wider range of VIP clubs for which you can, of course, sign up online. But only because the Las Vegas slot clubs apply to brick and mortar casinos, it does not mean that you must travel to the casino to join.

Quite a few of them, such as the MGM and Mandalay’s slot clubs, have the option for you to become a member by signing up online. If you are a true bargain hunter, this is a great way to make sure that your trip to Sin City will be as lucrative as possible.

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