Manual Flushing by Casinos

Manual flushing is a bit of an odd term. Players rightly wonder what flushing has to do with online casinos. If the dentist or the bathroom comes to mind when you hear casino manual flushing, you are not alone.

As soon as you initiate a withdrawal, it is moved to a kind of waiting area, also known as pending time. During this time, the pay out is neither processed nor passed on to the payment provider. In the case of manual flushing, one can also speak of a “reluctance” to pay out winnings right away. The somewhat strange name comes from the fact that the withdrawal requests are manually confirmed and, like a flush, are simultaneously released into the external payment world.

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What is Manual Flushing?

Manual flushing serves two main purposes: On the one hand, it enables players to cancel their withdrawal request – we will come back to this in detail in the next section. On the other hand, it allows casinos to check payments – we will also come to this in more detail later.

What Is a Reverse Withdrawal?

Some operators allow their customers to cancel withdrawal requests within a certain period of time. If you request the payment of your winnings and change your mind, you can reverse the withdrawal. The money will be credited back to your casino account and you can continue to use it for your favorite games.

This has advantages and disadvantages. For one, it is a nice option as it gives you the chance to change your mind. However, it could be too tempting for players who are at risk of gambling addiction. In order to counteract this risk, withdrawal cancellations must be requested from the customer service team. Here they cannot be carried out by the players themselves. Other operators offer the option to disable the cancellation button.

Why Is Manual Flushing Important?

Reputable casinos must adhere to strict regulations due to their licensing requirements. For example, that withdrawals can only be made to payment methods that have already been used for deposits. But also, that all the payment methods used are registered in the name of the casino account holder.

Computer programs can for the most part detect deviations. However, one final manual check is still needed to make sure everything is correct. Therefore, if your online casino mentions a processing time of, for example, 24 hours for withdrawals, this has to do with the manual flushing.

Frequently Asked Questions

💬 Should You Ever Play at an Online Casino without Manual Flushing?

Just because an online casino does not have a long processing time does not automatically mean that withdrawal requests are not checked. Pay attention to the operator’s license and decide for or against a casino according to its trustworthiness.

If, on the other hand, you want the option of cancelling your withdrawal, it is best to opt for an online casino that does offer it.

💬 What Can You Do if Your Favorite Online Casino Does Not Offer Manual Flushing?

First, check the license and the trustworthiness of the operator. With this in place, you can be assured that all regulations are being followed, even though there is no visible manual flushing.

However, if you do not want to miss the option to cancel withdrawals and it is not offered in your preferred casino, you may have to choose another operator or change your mind about how important it is to you.

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