Nevada Megabucks

Welcome to the connective casinos of Nevada and their Megabucks jackpot offer. Sounds promising? Then you might want to read on and find out more about this innovative slot machine feature by IGT.

How does the Megabucks slot machine work?

As you are well aware, there are different types of jackpots slots that can pay out. They can be categorized by being local, connected, limited and progressive.

Limited jackpots only ever pay out one specific prize, whereas progressive jackpots keep on growing until someone hits them.

When a jackpot is local, only one slot machine tributes to it. A connected jackpot allows several slots and even casinos to increase its prize money content.

The Megabucks Nevada winners benefit both from a progressive and connected jackpot, turning this IGT feature into something truly spectacular.

What is the current Megabucks Nevada Jackpot?

This of course makes it impossible to simply guess what sum the current Megabucks Nevada jackpot holds. Luckily, IGT set up a website where players can keep track of what is happening in the Nevada jackpot world.

A strategy many players use is to wait until the sum reaches a certain threshold, they believe to be the trigger for it to be paid out. Since slots with or without jackpots are still games of chance, what this threshold may be is not actually known.

Nonetheless, it can still be a wise move to check the IGT Megabucks in Nevada counter before heading to a casino. If you are looking for the Megabucks Nevada locations, this website is also your go to point.

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Odds of winning the Megabucks jackpot

As you might have guessed, with more than one slot machine connected to the jackpot, its overall sum can be higher but also less likely to make you a Megabucks Nevada winner. This means that how Nevada Megabucks are paid out is equally important as to when.

When it comes to the exact odds of winning this particular jackpot, experts seem to have different opinions. While some claim them to be somewhere around 1 in 50 million, others are a bit more optimistic with 1 in 17 million. In comparison, the chance of getting struck by lightning (1 in 500,000) is much more likely.

How much does IGT seed into the jackpot?

We would not be writing about this combined slot machine jackpot if it were not exciting. Not only are the games contributing to it fun to play but also the sums available for Megabucks winners are astronomical.

Who cares about statistics when previous jackpot winners received between 14 and almost 40 Million US-Dollars? These lucky players might not have seen it coming but now their lives are changed forever.

What makes the Megabucks Nevada even better is that the jackpot resets after a win not to 0 but to $10 Million. No matter when you start to join the fun, your potential jackpot win will always be big.

Let me tell you a bit more about this system: With a minimum stake of $3 the Megabucks games are not cheap.

There are currently 747 slot machines in 136 casinos in Nevada contributing to the jackpot. According to IGT their Megabucks system is the first of its kind and has been around since 1986! Should you hit the jackpot, you will not receive a lump sum, but 25 instalments paid out annually.

As mentioned before, the chances of winning are pretty slim and should you be likely not to live another 25 years, it might be best to stay clear of this slot machine. Younger people on the other hand could find it difficult to cough up $3 per spin, which does add up after a couple of rounds.

List of Megabucks Games that Contribute to the Jackpot

Every single Megabucks slot can be recognized by the Megabucks logo. Moreover, should you find them anywhere outside a Nevada casino, you can be certain that this is not an official Megabucks game. Only the casinos mentioned on the IGT website can offer these slots:

  • Megabucks Platinum Pays
  • Megabucks Crystal Sevens
  • Megabucks Fire Sapphires
  • Megabucks Triple Diamond
  • Megabucks Gold
  • Megabucks Double Times Pay
  • Megabucks Double Diamond Deluxe
  • Megabucks Double Diamond
  • Megabucks Wolf Run
  • Megabucks Red Hot Re-Spin
  • Megabucks Double Gold
  • Megabucks Triple Double Stars
  • Megabucks Wild Sapphires

If you are looking for a jackpot that will blow your mind, the Megabucks slot games are the right place to start. Head down to Nevada after checking out the current Megabucks jackpot sum and put your dollar coins to some good use.

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